Business Accelerator Program

Business Accelerator

“A strong foundation increases the value of everything you do.”
– Aaron Wall

A cost effective program to help small businesses grow through comprehensive marketing support. Based on time tested marketing principles adapted to today’s technologies, we use the EmoryDay Method to surround your company with marketing.

marketing plans for small businesses

Our Marketing Principles

Our marketing principles are time tested and grounded in solid business practice.   We are constantly evolving our process to match these principles with today’s technology.

internet marketing principlesWhile advancements in technology provide us new and innovative ways to reach your prospects and customers, we believe that what makes a business great is timeless.

We believe every business should be:

  • Well designed for a positive first impression
  • Easy to find for active prospects
  • Promote regularly to passive prospects
  • Demonstrate expertise and excellence
  • Have a compelling sales proposition
  • Be easy to do business


The EmoryDay Method

Starting with our Strategic Marketing Plan, we used a multi-channel phased approach with a fully integrated strategy. We will improve your messaging, design a more compelling website, and implement comprehensive inbound and outbound marketing to create results.
EmoryDay Method Phases

Our Conversion Funnel

We use a combination of inbound and outbound marketing with the latest technology to attract, identify, convert & create repeat business.

EmoryDay's Marketing Conversion Funnel

Visitor Tracking & Lead Scoring

We use the latest technology in visitor identification to get real time insight into who is on the website and how they are interacting with the content. We then lead score these prospects provide your sales people the real time intelligence they need to close the sale.

lead scoring digital marketing

Team Based Approach

At EmoryDay, we provide a full service team of eight (8) professionals focused on growing your business.

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We are going to ask you to invest in the long term success of your business.

  • $3,950 per month
  • Month to month agreements
  • Maintenance agreements available
  • Stay as long as you need

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