EmoryDay Sales Opportunity

Sales Process

  • Sales Support
    • You will be supported by both a Sales Manager and an Account Manager
    • Your Sales Manager will guide you through the sales process, including training and helping close deals initially.
    • Your Account Manager will provide Lead, Prospect and Email Marketing Support.
  • Leads & Targeted Prospects
    • EmoryDay will provide a combination of Leads & Targeted Prospects every week.
    • You can identify and add as many Targeted Prospects as you like.
    • EmoryDay will pay $1 per prospect you identify up to 100 per week.
  • Email Drip Marketing Campaign
    • Every Prospect will receive a 3 step email introduction from you.
    • You will receive a real time email/text message alert of all prospects that click on an email, visit our website or request a demo.
    • Additionally, we suggest that you call all prospects to follow-up on the email.
  • Sales CRM
    • All notes and follow up will need to be entered into our sales CRM
    • There are template emails that will assist you with the sale process.
  • Demo / Sales Presentations
    • We will provide you as much sales support as you need to completed the demos and close potential deals.
    • Demos are to be conducted over a Goto or similar screen sharing program and review the existing sales presentations on our website.
    • We will compensate you $25 for every demo you schedule, up to 8 per week (in addition to your commissions)
  • Sales will be entered via a form on the website
    • Credit cards will be required for all Strategic Marketing Plan & Sales Accelerator programs
  • Commissions & Bonuses
    • Will be paid weekly for all credit card and received payment sales


  • Upfront Commissions
    • 30% commission on first month’s revenue
  • Residual Commissions
    • 10% residual for next 11 months
    • 5% residual on 2nd year

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Training Allowance

  • First 2 Months up to $2,750 training allowance
  • Training Activities
    • $150 for initial training
      • <$25 per sales training class or presentation training
  • Selling Activities – $325 a week for the first 8 weeks
    • $200 per week for presentations & demos
      • $25 for each completed presentation & business questionnaire (up to 8 per week)
      • Includes the “Business Questionnaire”
    • $100 per week for prospects
      • $1 per business added to database (up to 100 per week)
      • Each business you add will be considered yours and will receive the email drip marketing campaign
    • $25 per week for attending sales meeting & weekly sales report

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Expectations of a Sales Executive

EmoryDay has high standards for the individuals who represent EmoryDay.  We expect our sales executives to:

  • Proactively follow-up on all sales leads & keep the sales process moving
  • To complete the weekly sales report
  • Be prompt and on time for meetings
  • Return calls & emails within 24 hours
  • Remain professional at all times

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Sales Territories

  • Sales territories are issued on a state by state and major demographic basis.
  • A certain amount of sales production & activity is required for you to maintain your exclusive territory.
  • Periodic exceptions will be made based on previous relationships and the ability to close the business.
  • Inquire about the availability of your state and surrounding states.

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Career Advancement

  • Sales Positions at EmoryDay
    • Sales Executive
      • Individual Sales Producer
      • Responsible for a State or Large Metro
    • Sales Manager
      • Manages a team of Sales Representatives
      • Receives an override on their production
      • Provides training, closing & sales support
      • Still provides personal selling production
    • Sales Director
      • Manages multiple Sales Managers

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you pay?

We pay weekly commissions during the first two months, then bi-weekly after that.

Do you take taxes out?

No, you will be paid as a 1099 employee and be responsible for remitting your own taxes.

Are there benefits?

No, there are no benefits associated with this position.

Is this a full time or part time opportunity?

You are responsible for your own time and can work the opportunity on a full or part time opportunity.

Can I work other jobs in addition to selling for EmoryDay?

Yes, this opportunity is not exclusive. You are able to work on other projects or for other employers.

What does unlimited residual commissions mean?

As long as you are actively selling with EmoryDay, you will be paid a residual commission on your sales.

Is their career growth with EmoryDay?

Absolutely, as you are successful as a sales representative, you will have the opportunity to become a Sales Manager & ultimately a Sales Director.

Will I have an EmoryDay email address?

Yes, you will be issued an EmoryDay email address.

Does EmoryDay reimburse for home office expenses?

No, EmoryDay expects its representatives to be responsible for their own office equipment.


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