Strategic Marketing Plan Presentation

Strategic Marketing Plan

“Plan your work, then work your plan.”
– Norman Vincent Peale

Let us Create a Custom Marketing Plan for You!


  • Analysis of Your Company & Top 3 Competitors
  • Suggested Marketing Initiatives
  • A Step by Step Implementation Plan
  • Timelines & Milestones
  • Budget Recommendations
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Calculations

Our strategies have helped our clients:


  • Double, Triple, and Quadruple Sales
  • Become Industry Leaders
  • Be Successfully Sold
  • Go Public on Nasdaq

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EmoryDay is Dedicated to Growing Businesses like Yours

For over 10+ years, our mission has been to help grow Small Businesses. We get invested in the success of each of our clients, and their goals become our goals.

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Our Plan is Based on the Proven EmoryDay Method

A proven marketing strategy to grow businesses through better lead generation and results driven marketing. Developed over 10 years with the timeless principles that:

Our Marketing Principles TimelineEvery business should be:

  • Well designed for a positive first impression
  • Easy to find for active prospects
  • Promote regularly to passive prospects
  • Demonstrate expertise and excellence
  • Have a compelling sales proposition
  • Be easy to do business with

It uses a multi channel approach, the latest technology and a return on investment (ROI) calculation to develop a long term marketing foundation.

This Plan is Great For:

Portrait Beauty Product Shop Manager

Business Owners

As a business owner, you are in need of a strategic and goal-oriented plan to online marketing success. This plan is written by a team of digital marketers who tailor a plan to take your business to the next level.

Business man making a presentation in office on job interview.

Sales Teams

Lead generation and conversion is the crux of sales. If your sales team is looking to generate exponentially more quality leads then this report will lay out a comprehensive strategy to drive your sales.

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To be most effective, marketers need a comprehensive plan for both inbound and outbound marketing strategies with budget recommendations, forecasting and return on investment (ROI) calculation. Find it all in the Strategic Marketing Plan.

Our Plan is Developed & Delivered

A Team of 4 EmoryDay Professionals


Over 3 GoTo Meetings with You


Ready to Present in 2 Weeks


The Cost of 1 Payment is $950.00


You Can Implement the Plan in Two Ways

Do it Yourself with Your Employees
  • We Provide Step-by-Step Instructions
  • Complete with a Timeline and Phased Approach
Allow EmoryDay to Do it For You
  • The Cost is Only $2,950 a Month
  • 8 Marketing Professionals Will Work on Your Account
  • We Will Meet Weekly to Ensure Success
  • The Plan Typically Takes between 2-3 Months to Implement
  • Our Agreement is Month to Month


In-Depth Analysis of Your Company’s:

  • Market Positioning
  • Marketing Messages
  • Target Audience
  • Lead Generation Strategies
  • Website Effectiveness
  • Visibility in Search
  • Influence in Social Media

In-Depth Analysis of Your Top 3 Competitors:


  • Their Strengths & Weaknesses
  • How They are Winning
  • How They are Failing
  • How to Exploit Their Weaknesses
  • How to Out Market Them & Win Against Them

Suggested Marketing Initiatives

Marketing Strategy

graphIn this first phase, EmoryDay dives into the core of your business. During the marketing strategy we learn as much as we can about what makes your selling proposition unique and devise a plan for success in the digital space. We will put together a list of objectives and goals and how to meet them in a strategic and obtainable way.

Lead Generation Campaigns

lead_generation]At the heart of a lead generation campaign is a landing page. And that is where this phase starts. By creating a specific offer and a destination for all the marketing surrounding that offer we can increase conversions of leads to customers. We have a formula for landing pages that make it simple to capture lead information that drive sales.

Email Marketing

email_webNow that we have a landing page for our campaign we are ready to drive traffic to it. One of the most successful ways to do this is through an email marketing campaign. We craft an effective email drip marketing campaign with A/B split testing to learn what works best for your target demographic.Whether we are building you a brand new website or just simply making enhancements to your current website, our goal is the same. We will create an effective place to convert leads to customers. Just a few simple principles can take a good website to great.

Pay Per Click

ppc_webThis phase is all about getting the right people to the right place. Pay Per Click advertising allows us to target exactly who is or could be interested in your product/service and get them to the right landing page of your website. With our experience in writing these advertisements we can know how to get those prospects to click on the ads and become a true lead.

Content Marketing

content_webEver heard that "Content is King"? It is true. Good content drives engagements with your prospects, leads and current customers. Our formula of publish once and push everywhere gets your message out effectively.

Search Engine Optimization

seo_webSearch engine optimization is something many business owners know they need but aren’t exactly sure what it means. By determining your long tail keywords and a competitive analysis we can determine the necessary steps to getting your product/service to move up in the search rankings of the major search engines like Google and Yahoo!

Social Media Campaign

social_webAn important step in outbound marketing, social media has transformed online marketing. By determining the best social networks for your business we assist in getting your message out where suspects are already interacting.

Implementation Plan

We will provide a step by step guide to implement the marketing plan within 12 weeks. To improve your messaging, design a more compelling website, and implement comprehensive inbound and outbound marketing to create results.

EmoryDay Method Phases

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