Dannie Prather

Content Specialist

Email: dannie@emoryday.com
Office Phone:
Direct Phone: (502) 432-8725

Location: Louisville, KY

About Dannie

My name often raises eyebrows. My parents named me Dannah (rhymes with “Hannah”) and gave me the nickname “Dannie.” Likely, the coolest thing about me is that fellow content writer, Jessica Roberts, is my niece-by-marriage. Something surprising about me? A million years ago I had an agent for about 20 minutes who tried to sell some TV scripts I’d written. Obviously, I still don’t have that Emmy, but it’s a fun story to tell … and it’s also true

EmoryDay Experience

I started with EmoryDay in February and have appreciated everyone’s assistance in transitioning to a fully virtual workplace. It’s a new gig for this old timer. The project manager in me is totally geeked out by the marketing dashboard. I enjoy the diversity of clients that compels me to research and learn new things. I am fortunate to work with Liyya Hassanali as a content writer for the LMS.

Work Experience

I have a degree in journalism and started my career in community newspapers in my home state of Kentucky. I transitioned to non-profit public relations and worked more than 15 years for various faith-based ministries. A few years ago I hung out my shingle as a freelancer (https://danniewriter.wordpress.com). I’m also a social media evaluator for Appen Global, and a dog walker.


Certifications & Education