Rob Fienberg

Director of Client Services

Office Phone: (866) 494-2500 x701
Direct Phone: (845) 765-0176

Location: Beacon, New York

About Rob

I live 62 miles north of Manhattan in the beautiful New York Hudson Valley with my wife, two cats (Jax & Ruby) and a goofy Australian Shepherd named Gus. When we’re not hiking, mountain biking or river rafting we spend our time thinking of other exhausting activities that will tire out the dog so we can watch TV in peace.

EmoryDay Experience

It was August 2008 when I was first introduced to our CEO Joe Jaap through my old boss at a startup tech company. One day Joe asked me if I’d be interested managing the designers who developed landing pages and other creative content for his affiliate marketing platform OfferShot. He had me at “I’ll pay you,” so I quickly accepted position.

This role required turning around three to four completed e-commerce website designs a day within 24 hours of receiving the client request. It was certainly a Baptism by fire into the world of digital creative development, but it served me well as it prepared me for my current role as “virtual air traffic controller” here at EmoryDay. I’m responsible for the timely delivery of all EmoryDay client deliverables and ensuring that we have the resources to do it. Im part operations, recruiter, project negotiator, human resources, and chief troubleshooter. There’s never a dull moment and each day flies by faster than an illegal immigrant running across a Trump golf course.

Work Experience

I spent 15 years working in the music industry as an editor for a radio trade publication, a radio promotions manager for a couple independent records labels, and then as a brand manager for the cable TV music provider Music Choice. In each of these positions I honed my marketing, operations, and people management skills which enabled me to segue into similar roles in the digital technology field. I enjoy the challenges that come with managing various digital marketing tools and the fast-paced environment in which we work in.


Certifications & Education

EmoryDay Certifications

  • SharpSpring Certified