Sonja Snoeyink

Designer & Developer

Office Phone:
Direct Phone: (517) 862-7693


About Sonja

Three words that would best describe me are: adventurous, passionate, and positive. I love to travel and and step out of my comfort zone. I’m passionate with everything that I choose to pursue and I always have a positive outlook on life. To me success means having the freedom to follow your dreams, being able to pursue your passions and doing what you love. Life is a great adventure and I believe a person’s happiness is the ultimate measure of their success.

EmoryDay Experience

I started with EmoryDay in the Spring of 2017 as a Graphic Designer/Front-End Developer. I work with the team to develop creative solutions. I am involved in many design projects as well as implementing designs to a finished working product.

Work Experience

Before EmoryDay I was a freelance website designer and developer working for a number of Web Design agencies across the nation. I worked closely with creative teams to design and develop websites and web applications for clients in an assortment of industries.


Certifications & Education