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10 Key Areas Every CEO Must KnowSBDC – 10 Key Areas Every CEO Must Know

CEOs forget that business is about servicing others with the purpose of making money. It is not simply showing a positive number on your income statement or cash on-hand listed on your balance sheet. It is literally having the dollars in your pocket with the freedom to spend on your family. LEARN MORE

Lessons from Martin Luther King: Building a Small Business that Works white paperSBDC – Lessons from Martin Luther King: Building a Small Business that Works

How does one go from wishing and hoping that something will change to having the details that create that change? How does a business owner go from working 70 hours a week and earning no money to having both time and money? America has a relatively recent mentor who took hope and implemented a plan to create change. That game changer is Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Most remember his “I Have a Dream” speech, but it is his lesser known “Letter from Birmingham Jail” — and the process of creating that document— that serves as the genuine textbook on changing the game in your favor. LEARN MORE

SBDC - Failure Is Not An OptionSBDC – Failure Is Not An Option

Do you face the fears of competition? Losing business due to the economic climate? Not making enough to cover your overhead? Sacrificing too personal time to keep your business afloat?

The “Failure is Not an Option” white paper, identifies how you can face these challenges and increase the following: LEARN MORE

SBDC - Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It SBDC – Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It

Are you generating enough money from your business to support your desired lifestyle? Do you have enough time to enjoy life?

If the answer is no to either question, then your business is not working. Most businesses don’t work, but there is something you can do about it. LEARN MORE

SBDC - Principles of Entrepreneurship from Martin Luther King, Jr.SBDC – Principles of Entrepreneurship from Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s greatest contributions come from his work as an orator, a civil rights activist.The Principles Of Entrepreneurism whitepaper, shows how the principles Dr. King exhorts can be used to develop and sustain entrepreneurism by using the following strategies: LEARN MORE

  • “Opening the D.O.O.R.S to Success”
  • Focus yourself by “Planning in Seclusion”
  • Always “Build With Your Altitude in Mind.”

Drive Profits 61%SBDC – 5 Key Metrics to Increase Profits 61% in 12 Months

How do you prioritize the many initiatives and opportunities available today to really take your company to the next level? CEO Accelerator© identifies the 5 key metrics that directly impact profitability and how to improve performance for each of those 5 key metrics: LEARN MORE

  • Number of Prospects
  • Conversion Rate
  • Purchase Amount per Customer per Transaction
  • Number of Transactions per Customer per Year
  • Profit Margin

SBDC - Earn More & Work LessSBDC – Earn More & Work Less

What stage is your business?  Is it able to function without you or is it running you?Taking lessons from Michael Gerber’s “E-Myth,” the CEO Accelerator© compares Gerber’s 3 levels of business to climbing mountain peaks and references Jim Collins’ “Good to Great” and “Built to Last”:  LEARN MORE

  • Peak 1 – Creating a “Good Company” – Self-Employment
  • Peak 2 – Developing a “Great Company”
  • Peak 3 – Building a “Lasting Company” – Independence