Website Design

A visitor forms their impression of a website in less than 5 / 100ths of a second. Their initial impression directly influences, how they perceive your company, the quality of your product, and ultimately if they are going to buy. At EmoryDay, we put design first. Your product and branding deserves good design.

Our Creative Team

Our creative team is a combination of in house designers and contractors. In order to field the best creative team, we continually interview and assess new creative talent. Our designers create design that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but converts visitors to buyers.


Website Design

Our creative team constantly rises to the challenge of creating beautiful designs that work. With literally hundreds of websites under our belt, we have spent a lot of time understanding how the visitor interacts with the design, the positioning of key elements, like the price, the product shot, offer details and the call to action. Our design team seamlessly integrates these components into amazing website designs.


EmoryDay Email Design


Promotional emails, autoresponders and e-newsletters are great way to sell a product, affirm the sales and then remarket to an existing customer. It is very important that the email design not only works, but properly reflects the brand you want to portray.



The majority of our banner impressions come from affiliate websites promoting your product. It is important to create a variety of banners that display the key elements of your product, and entice people to click through to your website.

EmoryDay Banner Design

Creative Testing

Test, Test, Test! We continually strive to increase conversions, and to market our client's products with the best creative possible. Our methodology is to test new website design, emails, and banners to create the highest number of sales.

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“Selecting the right partners can make the difference between success and failure. If you want your business to succeed, choose EmoryDay. There are a lot of companies that build websites but none of them provide the honesty, quality, and mutual focus on your goals like they do. We started with an idea and a vision and EmoryDay helped shape that vision to provide immeasurable value.”

Brad LaTour


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