About EmoryDay

We are a full-service digital marketing agency committed to growing small businesses.

Through our Marketing Essentials program, we are able to build marketing foundations that increase revenues, generate leads, and create growth. We work with a diverse portfolio of clients, within eCommerce, B2B, and B2G. We use a team-based approach to create fully integrated, results-driven, digital marketing strategies for our clients.

Our Story

EmoryDay was founded in 2004 as an Internet Marketing Agency dedicated to helping entrepreneurs reach their dreams, and the EmoryDay team members realize our own.

Over the almost 20 years, we have worked hard, solved a lot of challenges, built a lot of businesses, enjoyed a lot of success, and had a lot of fun. We like to think the best is still in front of us.

Our Name

We are regularly asked about our name EmoryDay. The name comes from company president, Joe Jaap’s grandfather, Rear Admiral Emory Day Stanley Jr. He was a gentleman who believed in honor, respect, hard work and success. All of the same ideals we hold dear at the company.

Our Team

After years of commuting and traditional office environments, we wanted to create a virtual company that supported both the individual and their family. This approach has helped us attract some of the best talent in the business across the country and the world. With email, mobile devices, instant messaging, web conferencing, we are all as close as the touch of a button.

Oasis Broadband

Devin Koch - Founder

As we've grown, Emory Day has grown with us. As we've encountered new opportunities along our marketing journey, or grown to that next phase, ED has always had the right resources to make sure we understand and successfully execute geo-targeted advertising, conducting a rebrand or implementing a new tool. ED's portfolio of talented people has been the best secret weapon we've had to achieve success.

Contego Solutions

Mike Avestro, Senior Managing Partner

As a brand-new enterprise with a still-converging business concept, we were skeptical when the EmoryDay staff told us we’d have a fully operational website in 8 weeks. Our skepticism was completely unfounded — the EmoryDay team did exactly what they said they would do! With strong project management skills and web presence expertise they shepherded an exceptional process that gave definition to how our business objectives could be best reached through a stellar website concept. The EmoryDay staff listened to our thinking extremely well as they designed a site that is tailored to reaching our particular customer niche. EmoryDay took our distinct value proposition and turned it into a strong business driver. Their work has moved us farther down the road faster than we ever imagined possible!

Pacific DataVision, Inc.

Dan Starr, VP Sales & Marketing

We started with EmoryDay almost 7 years ago, as a young start-up company with a very limited marketing budget. We needed both a new corporate website as well as a business solution website. We were very fortunate to be referred to the incredible team at EmoryDay. They exceeded our expectations by the way they learned our product in amazing detail in order to literally be an extension of our company sales & marketing organization. EmoryDay consistently impresses us with always doing what is best for our company. Their honesty and commitment to our company is foremost in everything they do. Their team approach is just what we needed to assure our success.

MarketConnections, Inc.

Lisa Dezzutti, President & CEO

There are many reasons why our loyalty lies with EmoryDay, but integrity, commitment and creativity are three of the biggest. You will not find a better team of internet marketing professionals to ensure your success. They are intelligent, dependable and always there to ensure that our company is taking full advantage of all the opportunities that exist online.

Organizational Communications, Inc.

Russell Smith, President

The services provided by EmoryDay over the seven year period working together were excellent. They developed a new website, managed SEO, and SEM for our company. EmoryDay president, Joe Jaap is responsive, fun, and a masterful customer service representative. He has a good team, and their web campaigns helped us convert prospects into profitable customers.

Roverland Parts

Robert Kempton, Owner

“We are beginning our 11th year with Emory Day. By no coincidence, our sales have increased 10 fold within that time span. They have not just assisted our Internet team, they have been our internet team. The website Emory Day launched for us a decade ago has constantly evolved, and remains what we and our customers feel is the best in our industry. We truly feel like our challenges are always a priority to the Emory Day Team.”

The 86 Group

Cory Strickland, President

After an exhaustive [and expensive] search to find a marketing partner that is focused on delivering results, after our first call with Emoryday, I had a feeling they would live up to their promise. Rarely has a company exceeded my expectations -- but EmoryDay continues to do just that. EmoryDay has elevated our brand, increased our revenue, saved us valuable time while decreasing our marketing budget. EmoryDay is a full-service, team oriented, results-based marketing firm that provides an extraordinary value proposition for their clients.

Vas al Super

Emory Day has exceeded all our expectations, they are a professional team who have done a great job redesigning our websites and showing us new ways to reach our audience by digital marketing. We have seen the growth of our company with accurate data and statistics provided by them. Jennifer is an outstanding marketing specialist who brings all her ideas to life. EmoryDay's team is creative, innovative, skilled and committed, they make it really easy and enjoyable to work with. We are very thankful to go through this journey of growth with the help of EmoryDay.

Yardi MTB

Greg Yoch, Co-Owner

I highly recommend the digital marketing services provided by Emory Day.

Our company, Yardi Mountain Bike Features, began working with Emory Day in August of 2022. They quickly improved our website, implemented paid search and paid social programs and launched our email marketing. This has really improved the visibility of our brand and enabled us to capitalize on event marketing and earned social media.But the most impressive aspect of working with Emory Day has been the guidance, responsiveness and patience of our Senior Account Manager, Evangelia Plezia.

It's great to have Emory Day as our partner.

Seating Dynamics

Greg Peek, President

The expertise of the Emory Day team has elevated our appearance and presence far above anything that I could have done on my own.  Working with the Emory Day team has been rewarding and taken a huge load off of my plate.  Michelle F. has been beyond amazing to work with.  Seating Dynamics has grown at about 15% per year for many years.  Without the expertise delivered by Michelle and the behind the scene Emory Day team, Seating Dynamics would not be where we are today!

I sincerely appreciate the effort and expertise that Emory Day has delivered in fulfilling the promises of those drip emails and look forward to many more years of working together and continued mutual success.

Condor Cargo

Thank you and your team for the excellent job you did in analyzing our business and creating a final product that checks all the boxes that we were looking for. The website is getting great reviews from both within our company as well as our customers.

Once again thanks for a job well done.

Securico Life

EmoryDay has been instrumental in our journey as a new insurance carrier with limited marketing resources to attract agents. Our primary requirements included a functional landing page, social media assistance, and a comprehensive marketing plan. Fortunately, we were introduced to the remarkable team at EmoryDay, who surpassed our expectations in every aspect.
Their attentive approach, eagerness to understand our product, and valuable suggestions were truly exceptional. EmoryDay swiftly transformed into our go-to marketing organization, consistently impressing us with their unwavering dedication to our company's best interests. Their transparency, effective communication, and unwavering commitment are the key factors that keep us returning to them.
The collaborative team approach embraced by EmoryDay perfectly aligned with our needs, providing us with the assurance of success. We wholeheartedly recommend their services to others facing similar marketing challenges. EmoryDay's remarkable contributions have undoubtedly made a significant impact on our business.

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