Case Studies

What Has Your Marketer Done For You Lately?

MAJR Products is a leading manufacturer of EMI/RFI gaskets, shielding and ventilation panel products. These niche electronics products are used predominantly within the defense, industrial, construction and medical fields to protect sensitive equipment from interference from electronic emissions. In their 7-year relationship with EmoryDay, MAJR Products has built three company websites, and a living, breathing…

GS Plumbing
Plumbing Company sees 50% increase in service calls!

GS Plumbing is a veteran-owned and family-run plumbing company in upstate South Carolina, with over 30 years of residential and commercial plumbing experience. Their website was dated and disorganized, and they were looking for a professional team to design and update it. They did not know much about what was happening with their paid advertising…

Oasis Broadband - Google My Business Impact
Increased Phone Calls 150% with Google Business

Oasis Broadband offers internet solutions in remote and challenging areas of California. Internet providers struggle to offer connectivity in these areas due to high volumes of water or dense tree coverage. Oasis have solved this problem through innovative technology and a dedication to serving these underserved areas. As Oasis Broadband has a very localized customer…

The Shingle Master
The Secret to Stable Leads & Better Business Forecasting

The Shingle Master is a roofing company operating in a highly seasonal and dynamic industry. Their business is susceptible to fluctuations in demand due to changing weather patterns and current events. As a roofer, they face challenges in stabilizing their inbound sales and accurately forecasting their business needs in a highly competitive and unpredictable market.…

Salus Saunas
Case Study: Leveraging Google Ads for Consistent Revenues

Salus Saunas offers various types and sizes of saunas designed to promote relaxation, wellness, and health benefits. Their products are known for their quality construction, innovative features, and user-friendly designs. With the objective of increasing their search visibility and showcasing their unique range of saunas, including both infrared and traditional models, Salus Saunas recognized the…

How We Got This New Insurance Carrier 200+ Leads in 30 days

Securico Life is a carrier that sells final expense insurance, also referred to as burial insurance, which covers end-of-life expenses, including funeral arrangements and any remaining medical or legal expenses that will need to be settled by the family. Securico Life, a new final expense insurance carrier, came to EmoryDay with the goal of increasing…

Snapz Software
Discover how Snapz Software Skyrocketed Online Sales to $10K/month with WooCommerce Integration🚀

Snapz Software offers an easy-to-understand online exam preparation and has everything you need to know to pass the exam. No ambiguity and no wasted time. Covers all 50 states. Before implementing an online store using WooCommerce, Snapz Software faced a time-consuming challenge: manually signing up clients for their electrical license exam prep courses. This process…

Condor Cargo
From 0 to 60 in 30 days

Condor Cargo came in with several challenges to overcome. They had an older website with outdated information and graphics elements. They had never done any advertising or lead generation strategies of note so everything had to be created from the ground up. They also have four primary verticals each with their own requirements, challenges, and…

Seating Dynamics
Educate to Sell – How to Become an Expert Source

Seating Dynamics designs and manufactures Dynamic Seating wheelchair components to solve serious muscular, behavioral, and functional challenges. Dynamic Seating allows the user to do what the body is supposed to, move. Seating Dynamics, as the manufacturer, does not sell directly to the public, and the beneficants of their products, individuals with diagnoses of brain injury,…

Truck Stop
Facebook Advertising So Strong – We Had To REDUCE the Budget

Truck Stop is a truck dealership located in Delran, NJ, specializing in box trucks, made to order dump trucks, landscaping vehicles, and commercial pick-up trucks. Their primary audience is small business owners looking to purchase a work vehicle for the first time or expand their fleet. Truck Stop had started advertising in house through Facebook…

Yardi MTB
How In-App Advertising Can Increase Sales and Grow Your Business

Yardi MTB has a variety of portable mountain biking features and courses so you can build your dream course right in your backyard. The company was started by a few biking enthusiasts who wanted to create fun ways for their kids to enjoy biking while being stuck at home during the pandemic. Whether you’re an…

How Reinvesting Your Advertising Budget Can Grow Your Business

Men’s Liberty provides medical devices for men who suffer from incontinence; in a marketplace riddled with restrictions on healthcare advertising and insurance regulations. As such, they understand that the costs of advertising are generally a little higher than those of a more traditional product or service and have seen great success with television, print, and…

Martin Bradley Case Study
Small Business Gets Big Marketing Makeover!

Martin Bradley Plumbing is a full service plumbing company providing 24 hour emergency services in and around Guilford and Forsyth counties in North Carolina. Fully licensed and insured with over 30 years of experience, Martin Bradley Plumbing was ready to increase marketing starting with a complete website overhaul. Their website did not show all of the…

DiGregorio Electric
Increasing Sales with a Fresh Look for the Best Electricians in Delaware County

Family-owned DiGregorio Electric provides quality electrician services including lighting installation and design, AMP service upgrades, EV charger installation, generator installs and troubleshooting along the Mainline in Southern Pennsylvania. There are dozens of reasons why every business needs a website, especially one that is up to date. DiGregorio Electric decided it was time to improve their…

Foam-Tek Case Study
How We Created a Beautiful, Strong Brand!

Foam-Tek is a concrete lifting through foam injection company. When they came to EmoryDay they did not have a business name, logo or any sort of brand identity. EmoryDay guided them through the process of creating a name which was explanatory and concise. Then we moved through the steps of developing a logo which beautifully…

How We Took Online Sales From Zero to $$$

Vas al Super is an online marketplace that connects products from Latin America with U.S. consumers. Providing ease of access and quick shipping for hard-to-find common goods like vitamins & supplements, over-the-counter medicines, household cleaning products, grocery items, and a robust line of health and beauty products. Even though their online store offers well-known and…

Maximizing Rehab 2 Perform’s Brand with the Right Website

Rehab 2 Perform™ (R2P) was created to change the standard in Physical Therapy. They continue to push their brand of Physical Therapy out to the community in an effort to better serve competitive athletes, active adults and those looking to become more active, by focusing on movement, and not primarily pain. R2P spent a lot…

LinkedIn Vs. Traditional Advertising: How To Find The Right Channel For Your Business

CūtisCare USA’s Success with LinkedIn Advertising CūtisCare works with hospitals, academic medical centers, hospital systems, and physicians to design customized wound care and hyperbaric oxygen solutions. CūtisCare’s marketing team spends their days trying to stand out in a digital market that is so saturated with information for patients, that healthcare professionals can have tremendous difficultay…

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