How Facebook Can Build Your Business – And Why It’s Become Integral

For businesses, social media is often mistaken as strictly a communication platform. In actuality, social media can be a great tool for your business to not only communicate with customers and leads, but can build relationships with your client base to generate a culture around your business.

And this is possible regardless of whether you sell a product or a service, if you’re B2B or B2C, if you’re in manufacturing, sales, software development, or any other industry, social media can benefit your business.

At its core, an active social media presence for your business allows you to:

• Communicate directly to customers, clients and leads
• Receive invaluable feedback from your customers
• Direct traffic to your website and improve your SEO
• Create and broadcast a brand for your business
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Every Business, Everywhere, Can Benefit From Social Media

Should my business be on social media?


But we are a B2B business, not B2C. Should we still be on social media?


But my industry doesn’t really seem to fit the norm of what I see on social media; we’re not particularly flashy and we offer a very niche product or service. Should we still be dedicating resources to maintaining a social media presence in that case?

Yes. Absolutely, without exception, the data shows that embracing social media and maintaining an active social media presence is beneficial for all businesses, in any industry, across the board. The landscape of social media has changed drastically in the last decade, and these days the opportunities for lead generation and conversions from an active participation on social media are too great for any business to ignore.

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Top 4 Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog


Too many businesses still aren’t convinced that publishing blog content can have the return on investment they are seeking from online marketing efforts. Many think that due to the nature of their industry, a blog isn’t the right tool for them or they expect their time and efforts will be wasted.

The bottom line is, that kind of thinking is just not supported by the data. Publishing valuable content online has tremendous and proven results for businesses seeking to grow.

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3 Steps To Start Marketing Your Small Business | EmoryDay

Small Business Marketing

Your small business has been growing and thriving thanks to the stellar service you’re providing and the unique way you go about doing it. Word of mouth has probably been extremely helpful in growing your business, and you’re seeing a great customer return rate.

But now, you’re ready to expand your marketing efforts to reach more people. Clearly it’s time to invest more effort in an online marketing strategy, but knowing where to start is difficult.

If you’ve ever Googled “how to market my small business online,” in all likelihood you have fallen down the rabbit hole of strategic marketing blogs. It’s easy to spend an entire day researching online marketing only to walk away more confused and overwhelmed than before you started.

To make things a little easier, here are 3 smart steps for marketing your small business that are easy to get started on right away. Dip into online marketing with these proven methods and see how even these small steps will noticeably benefit your small business.

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Why Email Marketing Fails – How To Fix It

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a frustrating endeavor. Writing a good email is simple; lots of us fire off emails all day long to partners, clients, customers, bosses, and coworkers. So it is easy to assume that sending out a successful marketing email is only a matter of making a clearly communicated point and then blasting it out to as many contacts as possible.

But if you want your emails to land in inboxes and to actually entice the recipient to open, read, and respond in some way, you’re going to need to refine your tactics.

Whether you are reaching out to long-time customers or to people you think may be interested in what you have to offer, the goal of any email marketing campaign is to convince someone to engage with your business. With a clear goal in mind of what you hope to achieve, use these tips before you send out your next email campaign, and see better results from your efforts.

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Website Design And Marketing Best Practices

Website Design

Whether you are structuring a brand new website or want to optimize your existing one, as a business it is imperative that you have a visually appealing website that gives an idea of who you are and what you provide.

At its core, a website should be a resume for your business, including details of your products or services, a background of your business, and contact information. If designed well, your website will act as the most effective member of your sales and marketing team.

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Leveraging Ratings, Reviews And Testimonials | Business Marketing

Ratings and Reviews

How To Leverage Ratings, Reviews, and Client Testimonials to Market Your Business

A good online review can act as more than just affirmation of a job well done. A recent consumer study shows that 88% of consumers have read reviews online to determine the quality of a local business, and this same percentage agreed that they trust these online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Analytics suggest this trend will only continue to grow. But few businesses know how to leverage these successes into a concerted online marketing strategy.

Encouraging Online Reviews

There’s no contending the power of a referral to drive new business to your door, but unless your satisfied customer leaves you a review online, how do you leverage their happiness with your job well done into new customers?

Here are some tips.
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How to Market Your Business When You Don’t Have a Marketing Team

marketing plans for small business

For many small businesses, it’s not unusual to enjoy early success without having to do much marketing. Perhaps you launched your brand in response to a local demand for a specific solution, and word-of-mouth quickly spread and business boomed. But at some point, you will likely find yourself in need of new customers. Whether to grow or simply sustain your business, active marketing is needed to reach people who have never heard of you.

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Why Targeted Email Marketing Gets Results

rocketThere’s no contending the power of email marketing. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in revenue. That’s a 3,800% ROI – a statistic that social media simply can’t touch.

But today’s business owners are inundated with email, and it can be difficult to get their attention. We’re not talking about a catchy subject line or attractive offer (although those are essential ingredients); we’re talking about email targeting to ensure you’re getting the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

It’s a complex science to be sure, but taking the time to develop targeted email campaigns can jumpstart your marketing, get your brand in front of new prospects, and ultimately grow your revenue.

Here’s how.

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