Social Media

Optimize and Maximize Your Results

Leverage the power of Social Media to drive engagement, increase brand equity, and generate results.

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Optimize Your Accounts
  • Campaign Targeting
  • Increase Brand Equity
EmoryDay social media ads
social campaign strategy

Social Media Strategy

EmoryDay will develop a strategy based on your objectives, including platforms, messaging, tonality, and frequency.

Optimize Your Current Accounts

EmoryDay will optimize your current Social Media Accounts and set up any additional accounts you may need to be successful.

social media account optimization
EmoryDay campaign targeting

Campaign Targeting

EmoryDay will form a Laser-Focused targeting strategy based on your marketing plan, customer profile & additional research.

Increasing Brand Equity

A strong and consistent social media campaign has a lasting impact on your brand.

  • Increased Loyalty & Awareness
  • A Sense of Connection
  • Association with Quality & Value
  • Likelihood to Choose Your Brand and Spend More
increasing brand equity

Marketing Dashboard & CRM

Marketing Dashboard

Stay informed about traffic & results with our customizable dashboard.

Website Forms

Increase conversions with the right form at the right time.

Phone Call Tracking

Analyze and listen to phone calls to improve their value and outcomes.

Contact Management

Unlock a wealth of new business by better managing prospects & customers.

Opportunity Tracking

Keep sales on track and from falling through the cracks.

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