Magnolia Dental
How we increased phone calls by 400% and got 31 new Five-Star Reviews

Dawn of Magnolia Dental is a new dentist in the area who was operating with a very limited budget. Additionally, she is not a board-certified pediatric dentist but specializes in treating children and children with special needs. We needed to be careful with verbiage.  If you love Google My Business, it will love you back…

Direct Mail Marketing
Marketing 101: Direct Mail Marketing

We live in a digital world, so chances are, when you think of the different types of marketing, direct mail marketing probably doesn’t come to mind. In fact, you might even think it’s well…a bit outdated. However, it’s not at all! According to an article from Forbes, direct mail marketing is far from dead. Actually,…

Seasonal Marketing
Marketing 101: Seasonal Marketing

Seasonal marketing is one of the many different types of marketing. It consists of leveraging certain times of the year, holidays, or national days to market products and services. So, with the holidays coming up, we thought we’d dedicate this post to seasonal marketing.  What is Seasonal Marketing? Like we said a few sentences ago,…

Marketing 101: Outbound Marketing

Okay, we’ve covered both inbound marketing and digital marketing. So, now it’s time to dig into and explore outbound marketing.  Like both inbound marketing and digital marketing, outbound marketing is another way to attract new prospects with the hopes of turning them into leads and eventually into sales.  What is Outbound Marketing? Outbound marketing is…

Inbound Marketing
Marketing 101: Inbound Marketing

We’ve talked a little about this in some of our past posts, like Digital Marketing 101: Digital Marketing vs Inbound Marketing and Marketing 101: An Introduction To The Different Types Of Marketing. But, because inbound marketing is all the rage right now, we thought we’d dedicate an entire post to it.  What is Inbound Marketing?…

Types of Marketing
Marketing 101: An Introduction To The Different Types Of Marketing

Thinking about revising your company’s marketing strategy in order to maximize your results? There are many different types of marketing strategies that you can add on to your existing traditional or digital marketing plan in order to boost your bottom line.  Digital and Traditional Marketing Aren’t the Only Games in Town! Chances are, when you…

Should Your Business Be Utilizing Snapchat Ads?

Chances are, you’ve heard of Snapchat. And, while Snapchat is typically associated with exchanging messages, it’s actually becoming a popular means of social media marketing for companies.  What is Snapchat and How Does it Work? Snapchat is a popular camera and messaging app that allows its 280 million users to share their everyday moments, like…

Inbound Marketing
Digital Marketing 101: Digital Marketing vs. Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing and digital marketing are often lumped together and considered the same. However, there are actually some differences between inbound marketing and digital marketing. What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is a strategy that utilizes digital content (think things like SEO, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, and social media). Digital marketing is great for creating brand…

Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing 101: Signs You Need to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Marketing is critical to the success of any business. And, in today’s day and age, digital marketing is more important than ever. Do you need to take the plunge and hire a digital marketing agency to help your business get new leads and sales? Here’s 7 signs you need to hire a digital marketing agency. 

Digital Marketing 101
Digital Marketing 101: The Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Marketing agencies can benefit businesses of all sizes and kinds. Here are some benefits of hiring a marketing agency we think are most beneficial to businesses.  1. Digital marketing agencies are extremely cost effective. Hiring a digital marketing agency to develop and then take the reins and run your marketing campaigns is a whole lot…

Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency
Digital Marketing 101: Full-Service Digital Marketing Agencies and the Services They Offer

Full-service digital marketing agencies can help businesses of all kinds improve their bottom line by boosting their digital marketing efforts.  What is a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency  A full-service digital marketing agency, like EmoryDay, helps companies, like yours, with all of their digital marketing needs with the ultimate goal of improving lead generation. This means…

Marketing Agencies
Digital Marketing 101: The Different Types of Marketing Agencies

If you’ve been thinking about possibly enlisting the help of a marketing agency to boost your company’s marketing efforts, it’s important to understand what exactly a marketing agency is, the different types of marketing agencies, what a marketing agency does, and what to look for when hiring a marketing agency.  What is a Marketing Agency?…

What is Remarketing?

You’ve finally found them. The blue suede shoes that you have wanted since you saw someone wearing them in your favorite YouTube video. It’s time to click that purchase button.  The phone starts ringing and your inbox fills up with emails. You can finish your purchase later. But you don’t.  The next day, while you’re…

Content Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Content Marketing: The Benefits vs. Traditional Marketing  Marketing is vital to the success of any business. But, not all marketing is the same, nor will all types of marketing get your business the same results. This is especially true when it comes to traditional marketing and content marketing. Traditional Marketing Traditional marketing is considered any…

The Benefits Of Blogging

Too many businesses still aren’t convinced that publishing blog content can have the return on investment they are seeking from their online marketing efforts. Many think that due to the nature of their industry, a blog isn’t the right tool for them, or they think it’s a waste of time. However, publishing valuable content online…

Mobile Friendly Website
The Importance Of Designing A Mobile-Friendly Website

Did you know that 57% of web traffic now comes from mobile devices? And according to HostGator, “94% of American smartphone users search for local information on their phones” even when they have access to a computer. More and more people are using their cell phones to surf the web, and that means that if you…

Digital Marketing Strategy
Marketing Leaders Ask: “Can An Agency Help Me Expand My Digital Marketing Presence?

We’ll answer that question with another question. What is the ultimate goal of a digital marketing strategy?  I think we would all agree that the ultimate goal of any strategic marketing strategy, digital or otherwise, is to reach out to potential customers with sales and marketing messages.  EmoryDay’s expertise in this field can help you…

Website Maintenance
Regular Website Maintenance – Why It’s A Big Deal For Businesses

Face it, we live in a digital age. That means that every business – regardless of size or industry – must have a website. And, because most customers will visit your business’s website before ever setting foot in your brick and mortar shop or contacting you for services, your website is the first opportunity you…

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