Interactive Marketing
What is Interactive Marketing?

HubSpot defines interactive marketing as “a tactic that uses engaging visuals or videos to get your audience to engage with your content.” And, according to, interactive marketing is a great way to get “consumers engaged with your marketing message.”  Types of Interactive Marketing  Interactive marketing includes any type of interactive content, like: Interactive infographics…

A New Website for a New Direction

ConnectMeVoice is a telecommunications provider that had spent years solely focused on individual clients. They recently made a major decision to change their business model to take on a more partner-centric approach to telecommunications and needed to revamp their website messaging. EmoryDay brainstormed with the client on their new business model and created a very…

Drip Campaigns
What is a Drip Email Campaign?

Whether you’re trying to woo a new lead, convert a form submitter, or follow up with a phone caller, drip email campaigns can play a big role in your digital marketing strategy by turning leads into loyal customers. What is a Drip Email? A drip email campaign, as defined by HubSpot, is a series of…

DiGregorio Electric
Increasing Sales with a Fresh Look for the Best Electricians in Delaware County

Family-owned DiGregorio Electric provides quality electrician services including lighting installation and design, AMP service upgrades, EV charger installation, generator installs and troubleshooting along the Mainline in Southern Pennsylvania. There are dozens of reasons why every business needs a website, especially one that is up to date. DiGregorio Electric decided it was time to improve their…

Cold Email Marketing
What is Cold Emailing?

HubSpot defines cold emailing as a “subset of email marketing where a party — generally a sales rep — sends emails to prospects without having previously contacted them.” It’s the email version of cold calling. Does Cold Emailing Work? Sending cold emails can definitely help your business to get more clients and/or customers; however, it…

Foam-Tek Case Study
How We Created a Beautiful, Strong Brand!

Foam-Tek is a concrete lifting through foam injection company. When they came to EmoryDay they did not have a business name, logo or any sort of brand identity. EmoryDay guided them through the process of creating a name which was explanatory and concise. Then we moved through the steps of developing a logo which beautifully…

Empathetic Marketing
Marketing 101: Empathetic Marketing

Empathy is the ability to emotionally understand other people’s emotions and imagine what someone else might be thinking or feeling and being able to conceptualize yourself in their place. Empathetic marketing then is being able to develop a digital marketing strategy that creatively meets consumers where they are. This customer-centric approach to marketing requires brands…

How We Took Online Sales From Zero to $$$

Vas al Super is an online marketplace that connects products from Latin America with U.S. consumers. Providing ease of access and quick shipping for hard-to-find common goods like vitamins & supplements, over-the-counter medicines, household cleaning products, grocery items, and a robust line of health and beauty products. Even though their online store offers well-known and…

Behaviorial Marketing
Marketing 101: Behavioral Marketing

Behavioral marketing, also known as behavioral targeting, is a digital marketing tactic that many companies leverage to get more sales. Keep reading to learn what exactly behavioral marketing is, the consumer data behavioral marketers need to be successful, and some benefits of behavioral marketing.  What is Behavioral Marketing? The marketing giant, HubSpot, defines behavioral marketing…

Maximizing Rehab 2 Perform’s Brand with the Right Website

Rehab 2 Perform™ (R2P) was created to change the standard in Physical Therapy. They continue to push their brand of Physical Therapy out to the community in an effort to better serve competitive athletes, active adults and those looking to become more active, by focusing on movement, and not primarily pain. R2P spent a lot…

Transactional Marketing
Marketing 101: Transactional Marketing

Some companies like to add transactional marketing or even some of its strategies to their existing marketing plan in order to get more sales. Keep reading to learn more about transactional marketing and to see if it might be a good fit for your company.  What is Transactional Marketing? Tech Target defines transactional marketing as…

LinkedIn Vs. Traditional Advertising: How To Find The Right Channel For Your Business

CūtisCare USA’s Success with LinkedIn Advertising CūtisCare works with hospitals, academic medical centers, hospital systems, and physicians to design customized wound care and hyperbaric oxygen solutions. CūtisCare’s marketing team spends their days trying to stand out in a digital market that is so saturated with information for patients, that healthcare professionals can have tremendous difficultay…

Inclusive Marketing
Marketing 101: Inclusive Marketing

When you start the creative process for a new marketing campaign, your strategy team is going to begin by trying to pinpoint your target audience. Of course, there will be the usual questions about the website layout, email campaigns and social media posts, but all of these materials need to be designed with your audience…

Simple. Not Easy.
A Successful Partnership to Develop A Clear Business Message

Simple Not Easy’s founders Jonathan Thomas and Tim Preston, created CoreSelf Experience guidance tools and resources for establishing a deeper connection within the most important personal and professional relationships. It is made up of 4 categories including: Coreself 4S Framework, CoreSelf Mapping, CoreSelf Positioning, and CoreSelf Workshops. Professional contacts in many fields saw possible applications…

Conversational Marketing
Marketing 101: Conversational Marketing

If you are looking to add a unique type of marketing to your existing marketing strategy, you might be interested in incorporating conversational marketing.  What is Conversational Marketing?  Just to recap what we said about conversational marketing in our post Marketing 101: An Introduction To The Different Types Of Marketing, conversational marketing is a one-on-one…

The 86 Group
How we increased qualified leads by 63% in 60 days while decreasing marketing spend

The 86 Group is a Texas-based Business Brokerage and M&A Advisory firm representing entrepreneurs and business owners in the sale-side, buy-side, or micro-investment banking transactions.  Missing Their Target The 86 Group’s website lacked clear messaging and calls to actions. As a result, they received very few qualified leads from their website or Google Ads campaigns.…

Promotional Marketing
Marketing 101: Promotional Marketing

As we’ve mentioned in several of our past posts, including: Marketing 101: An Introduction To The Different Types Of Marketing, utilizing a combination of marketing strategies can help you increase both leads and sales. So, if you are looking for another type of marketing to add to your existing marketing plan, you should consider promotional…

PQI Email Strategy
No Email Strategy Is Too Complex

Productivity Quality has a number of divisions that provide equipment and services for manufacturers. Too Much Data Productivity Quality and their many divisions regularly send out emails to current and potential customers notifying them of new products, services, and promotions. With six different divisions having their own offerings and tens of thousands of recipients, sending…

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