10 Quick Tips for Marketing Your Small Business

Please enjoy our top 10 items for Small Business marketing success.

1st – Put the Customer First

Successful marketing starts with putting the customer first. Understand what they want and expect from your business, then achieve this by using marketing strategies to enhance the customer’s experience. Great promotional and advertising ideas fall flat if a customer does not have a good experience.  Wow the customer. They will come back and bring their friends.

2nd – Your Website Should Reflect Your Business

If your website is old, out of date, or does not reflect your business, do something about it.  Customers form immediate impressions about your business from your website. It is not expensive to create an impressive up to date website that attracts new customers and increases your revenue.

3rd – Mobile Website Version

Smart phone users need simple quick access to your business. They are often looking for contact information, hours of operations and pricing.  A mobile version of your website will provide click to call, click for directions, a simple navigation and mobile friendly pages.

4th – Email Newsletter

It can cost six times more to create a new customer than to keep an existing one.  Email newsletters are a perfect way to stay top of mind when your customer has a need. A good newsletter reporting system also provides valuable insight into who opens and clicks on your newsletter. These indicators of interest allow you to follow up with the customer, and potentially close a sale.

5th – Google Places for Business

If you are a retail store, it is important for customers to be able to find you easily.  Registering with Google Places for business will ensure that you come up quickly when your customers are searching for your address, hours of operations, and contact information.

6th – Mobile Marketing

90% of text messages are opened immediately. What an incredible way to reach your customers and provide them reasons to do business with you again. For example, how about using text messaging as a reminder for an appointment? How much does a missed appointment cost you if you’re a dentist or hair stylist?

7th – Pay Per Click (PPC) Search Marketing

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing allows you to appear on the keywords most relevant to your business.  The right PPC professional can market your business cost effectively with keywords that convert to sales.  Don’t waste money chasing keywords that don’t convert, start with a small budget and build on success.

8th – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows your business to rank high in the natural or “Free” search results. A balanced approach to search engine marketing combines SEO and PPC. The investments you make in SEO create a long term marketing asset for your business.

9th – Social Media

A social media strategy is a requirement today.  This does not mean that your social media has to be exhaustive, but a simple and well maintained Facebook & Twitter presence allow you to communicate with your customers, and remain relevant and current in their eyes.

10th – Create an e-mail signature

An email signature is a perfect way to further engage your customers. Don’t just put your contact information at the bottom of emails.  Include a logo, slogan, and links to your facebook & twitter accounts.

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