Memorial Day Marketing: How to Drive the Highest Email Transactions of the Year


According to a new study by Experian, Memorial day generates more e-mail transactions that any other sales holiday throughout the year.  This national holiday even surpasses Black Friday by 35% and Cyber Monday by 16% in email transactions. With summer kicking off, and many people planning for vacations, this is an ideal time to push promotions out to your customer base. With many marketers trying to capitalize on this popular shopping weekend, it is important that your brand establishes a solid engaging message to break through the clutter. Here are some tips on how to optimize your promotional email for Memorial day.

Plan Ahead For the Big Weekend

Due to the amount of businesses that are competing for memorial day dollars, planning ahead can be crucial for a great campaign. Decide what your goals are, are how these will be measured. Look at competitors past memorial day efforts, and brainstorm as to how these can be improved. Teaser countdown emails can create excitement for the upcoming weekend sale. This messaging can be used across social media, and your company blog to help create interest. Once your campaign has been set up to go out, take the time to Q&A user experience, from inbox to checkout to ensure a seamless weekend launch.

Create A Sense of Urgency In Messaging

Experian speculates that this holiday is successful at creating conversions, due to the sense of urgency behind the holiday.  Unlike Christmas marketing, which goes on for over a month, Memorial day sales are generally 48-72 hours long. Create a strong CTA for your launch emails that will encourage viewers to shop now before time is up. Using language like “final”, “last day” or “this weekend only” can give consumers the extra push to the shopping cart.

Optimize Design for Holiday Travel

Almost 30% of e-commerce emails are now opened on mobile devices. Due to the fact that many people are traveling over memorial day weekend, it is even more likely that your message will be viewed on a smartphone or tablet. There are some standard guidelines to help your message translate to mobile. Make your graphics large, clean, and single column so the viewer is not hunting for the bottom line. Increase font sizes, and keep copy simple and straightforward. This applies to the subject line as well, which should be around 20 characters. By making links and coupon codes obvious, you can help encourage viewers to continue to your website.

Remember Memorial Day’s Meaning

Memorial day is a time of remembering the lives of those who died in active military service. While email may not be the best medium to address this, you can add note of remembrance on your website or through social media. Partnering with local military organizations can also help showcase your brand’s social consciousness.

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