4 Easy Ways to Make Your Content Click-Worthy & Viral

Everyone says, “just create great content and you will ultimately be rewarded with more customers.”

Wait, I know how you feel.  I felt the same way.  Writing something great sounds difficult. I wondered, how do I create content that people will take the time to read and then like so much they share it with others? You can’t just slap some words onto the page, spell-check, sense-check, then post.

Then, I realized making click-worthy content can be simple.  It goes back to the basics.  Back to the time before the Internet and search engines when good content informed and delighted the audience. That’s it.

You can too, here are 4 easy ways:

  1. Fill it with confidence. This is the number one rule!

To be great, your content needs to be filled with confidence.  The content should say, “I know what I am talking about and I believe it is important and true!” Think of it this way. Make sure you write like nobody is reading the copy. This approach will ensure you are open and that level of confidence will come through to the reader.  Also, people like discussing and sharing trending content. Writing content that covers the latest events and trends will increase the chance of it getting shared. You can use Google trends or social networking sites like twitter or Facebook to determine the latest hot topic. Check which posts are getting likes and shares, then select the topic you know the best.

  1. Make it emotional. The content should be very human. 

Share your story with sincere conviction. Start with empathy and give it the passion it deserves. Then communicate that empathy early and often. Is your content interesting?  Does it evoke response? Many studies have proven there is a strong link between the emotional impact of an article and its ability to go viral.  Always generate content that arouses emotion in people and it will be great. Think about incorporating what you want your readers to feel at different points throughout the content.  Think about a time when you experienced that emotion. Be sure to incorporate those feelings, experiences and the reactions you are trying to get across directly to your audience through your copy. The results will be effective.

  1. Say less. The best stories are simple.

Accept that people scan web pages and work with this reality rather than fighting it. Entice readers by making your content easy to read. Start with your conclusion first, then support it with useful sentences sectioned in easy to scan headings, bullets and visuals, such as photos. It starts with strong headlines. Does your headline convince even the most distracted reader to click? On average, 8 out of 10 people will read the headline, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. So, use brief but attention grabbing headlines that are fulfilled by the rest of the content to encourage people to read and share it.  Then, create step-by-step content, bulleted lists, structured how to’s and other easy-to-read content formats.

  1. Ask people to share.  Your content deserves the right to ask for the share!

Great content knows it is there to get you to do something and doesn’t shy away from asking for something in return.  It’s been proven that your readers will do what you tell them to do. Once you have made it share-worthy, give your readers told to share it with one click.

Learn these easy sharing habits:
Include social sharing buttons with every post that you publish on your blog. Make your social sharing buttons visible on your site, so your readers can’t ignore them.

  • Make share buttons very visible – Position social buttons in strategic places so your readers can’t ignore them…side and bottom of page, or even a scrolling widget.
  • Include social sharing buttons with every post.
  • Also, limit the number of buttons you use. Too many social button options can confuse readers.
  • Tap the influencers – Create relationships with your circle of contacts as well as big names and get them to share your content to a wider, highly engaged audience.

Writing with confidence, sharing your passion, styling your text so it’s easy to read and asking people to share it could be all you need to do to attract and hold attention.

And remember, if you only strive to go viral, you probably won’t.  Create something original that you genuinely believe, then you might. As the Hitchhiker’s Guild to the Galaxy says – “To fly, you must throw yourself at the ground and miss”.  So, strive for a solid foundation and include these 4 ways and soar.

How We Can Help:

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