4 Tips For Last Minute Holiday Marketing


 With Christmas only two weeks away, the holiday season has snuck up on many of us.  Due to a late Thanksgiving, the holiday shopping season is much shorter this year, than previous years. If you feel that you may have missed this year’s holiday shopping sales opportunities, it may not be too late. Here are some tips on how to take advantage of holiday shopping marketing opportunities without any long term planning in place.

1. Focus On Social Media

Reaching out to your social media audience is a fast and easy way to encourage followers to visit your website.  By posting simple holiday greetings, you can keep your brand top of mind to your followers. Having social media specific flash sales can encourage viewers to take advantage of a promotion that has a limited time window. With an abundance to holiday stock photography available, you can quickly add a visual element to your posts without the extra time spend on custom graphics. The promotion messaging and graphics can also be re-purposed for e-blasts, to make sure you have several touchpoints out to your audience.

2. Cater to Last Minute Shoppers

You may not be the only one behind the curve for the holiday season. Many last minute shoppers turn to brick and mortar stores due to the fear of packages arriving late, or high expedited shipping costs. If you are confident with your fulfillment process, adding guarantee dates can help ensure confidence in the shopper. Having a promotion of discounted expedited shipping can also be a smart solution for capturing last minute shoppers.

3. Consider Gift Cards

 Once you are really down to the wire, downloadable, or emailed gift cards can be a great last minute marketing push. Once you have passed the Christmas eve arrival date for packages, make this the focus on your website and social media. Offering an extra amount onto the gift cards can help incentivise customers to purchase (ex. add an 10% onto your gift card free of charge).

4. Keep In Mind Your Messaging

 For you social media, e-blast, and website messaging, use a tone that relates to the last minute shopper. “It’s not too late”, “There is still time to shop”, can catch the attention of someone who has yet to finish their holiday shopping. This kind of messaging can also help break through the noise of generic holiday marketing messages.

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