5 Things To Cut From Your Digital Marketing Strategy


The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving, and new trends emerge every day. With new social networks emerging, SEO trends changing, and web design becoming more sophisticated, it can be easy to overload your marketing strategy.   A heavy strategy can be counter productive, wasting valuable time and money. For small businesses, every man hour and dollar counts, so a lean strategy is key for successful digital marketing. Here are some tips on marketing habits to drop, and where you should be putting your focus.

Blanketing Social Media

 Social media  is an important piece of any marketing strategy, as it can drive website traffic, encourages customer engagement, and improve SEO. However, it can also be time consuming, and produce inconsistent ROI within advertising. Unless you have an employee dedicated to social media, keep it simple. Which sites are driving traffic and have regular audience engagement? For B2B LinkedIn can be a great tool, but Instagram may not help drive sales.  Think about the websites that make sense for your business, drop the others.

SEO Formulas

 Google has evolved to the point that on-page optimization, plays far less of a role than it did five years ago. Keyword stuffing and creating pages strictly for SEO purposes can in fact be a red flag to Google. It is still helpful to do some of the SEO basics that make content easy to read, this should only be a minor part of your content strategy. Instead focus on making your content shareable and useful to the viewer.

Making Drastic Design Changes

 Your website should be a constant work in progress, as there are always new developments that can enhance your site. However major re-designs can be expensive and time consuming. Instead of neglecting the rest of your marketing strategy by focusing on a complete overhaul, compartmentalize your changes. Are there specific features or areas of your site that are not user friendly? What parts of your site are working well? Try testing smaller changes on your site and see if conversions improve before taking on a huge project.

Over Engineering Promotions

 While targeting segments of your database with specific promotions can create conversions, it can also slow down your overall promotion schedule. For small businesses, over thinking promotions can lead to wasted time. See what promotions have worked in the past, keep it simple and easy to update. This can help ensure you are delivering consistent deals that appeal to your entire database, and keep a steady flow of returning customers.

Over Reporting

  With so many analytic tools readily available these days, it can be easy to get lost in the minutiae of data. Over-reporting can be hard to keep up with, therefore giving no real value to the time spent analyzing. Set goals that make sense for your business, and figure out what numbers actually prove your ROI. Make sure your conversions are being tracked properly, and take deeper dives into data on a case by case basis.

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