A Successful Partnership to Develop A Clear Business Message

Simple. Not Easy.

Simple Not Easy’s founders Jonathan Thomas and Tim Preston, created CoreSelf Experience guidance tools and resources for establishing a deeper connection within the most important personal and professional relationships. It is made up of 4 categories including: Coreself 4S Framework, CoreSelf Mapping, CoreSelf Positioning, and CoreSelf Workshops.

Professional contacts in many fields saw possible applications of CoreSelf Experiences in their own disciplines and asked for more technical and practical information. The Simple.Not Easy partnership was formed to respond to those requests. The CoreSelf Experience continues to evolve into a means of achieving breakthrough insights in response to challenges in many fields. Unlike professional coaching services, where you rely on a personal guide for development over a period of time, the CoreSelf Experience places transformative guidance tools and techniques into your hands, now.

EmoryDay’s ultimate goal was to create a website that helped individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations understand the benefits of CoreSelf Experience tools. Simple. Not Easy’s original website was unclear and challenged the reader to find a true understanding of what Simple. Not Easy’s mission was.

The Emoryday marketing team and the founders of Simple. Not Easy joined forces to transform the website into a successful resource for those looking to grow their personal and professional relationships. To accomplish this, EmoryDay developed clear messaging throughout the entire website which included design changes, content updates, graphic creations, establishing new web pages, adding in user-friendly calls to action and search engine optimization to target specific keywords. EmoryDay redesigned the website to make it easier for audiences to understand Simple. Not Easy’s message, and to help those looking for guidance tools in their personal and professional lives.

Through weekly meetings and brainstorming sessions, EmoryDay was able to clearly define the messaging of Simple Not Easy’s mission. Not only did updating the website bring in a steady stream of monthly traffic, Simple. Not Easy now  receives leads through form submissions which generate client connections though joining their mailing lists to stay up to date with the company’s latest offerings. 

It was truly a collaborative effort all the way around which led to a successful partnership between EmoryDay and Simple. Not Easy..

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