Announcing Custom Strategic Marketing Plans From EmoryDay

B2B strategic marketing plan

We are very excited to announce our latest service offering, The EmoryDay Strategic Marketing Plan.  After years of writing marketing plans to help strategize our Business Accelerators, we started receiving requests from clients who wanted this as a stand alone service.  So we honed the processes to make the Strategic Marketing Plan a separate product offering.

Knowing a good Strategic Marketing Plan is the springboard for a small business’s marketing efforts, we priced the plan affordably at $950.  It provides a clear roadmap for everything your business needs to grow and succeed including:

Target Audience and Competitive Analysis

We start by conducting an interview to learn about your business and develop a client profile, then dig in to find growth opportunities.  We research your target audience, and find opportunities to reach new prospects through lead generation, acquiring targeted email addresses, and more.

Next we take a hard look at your competitors.  We evaluate their marketing strengths and weaknesses to help you better understand where, and how, your potential customers are receiving competing marketing messages.  Using our research we formulate recommendations specific to your company and industry so you can win against the competition and get more business.

Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy and

download strategic marketing plan sample

Download a sample marketing plan.


EmoryDay has a team of experts in the following areas: website design, lead generation, email marketing, pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, search engine optimization, and social media.

Our experts analyze the current state of your marketing in each area, then provide actionable recommendations that align with your goals and objectives. Each channel’s recommendations are comprehensive and easy to execute.

Financial Analysis and Budget Advising

For many small businesses, allocating a budget for marketing can be like taking a shot in the dark. We learn about your current revenue streams and annual sales goals to define your financial model.

We then provide budget recommendations for each marketing channel specific to your business and industry landscape. We can help you calculate projected ROI and create budget forecasting on a scaleable level.

Let EmoryDay Create Your Marketing Plan

Our custom, Strategic Marketing Plan is perfect for business owners, marketers, and sales teams who feel stuck in their marketing efforts, aren’t sure how to take it to the next level or make the most of digital marketing.

Over three webinar meetings we learn about your business and present and deliver the a PDF version of the plan within two weeks from our first meeting.

The Strategic Marketing plan is then yours to implement, or you can work with EmoryDay to help put it into action.  All our plans are based on proven methodology, and have been created to grow businesses like yours.

Contact us today to get started or download a sample marketing plan.

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