Apple I-Ad: The Evolving Ecosystem of Pay Per Click



Today there are a multitude of channels for small business marketers to spend their ad dollars, and another platform has just joined the pack. Apple is reportedly expanding its mobile ad management tool. The tool is called IAd Workbench, and was previously only available to mobile developers to advertise on IOS apps. The cost of promoting ads was very high, and Apple did not get its initial anticipated return. IAd is now opening its doors to anyone with an apple ID. Marketers will now be able to buy, build, and track campaigns much like a Google Ad campaign. Ad buyers will be able to purchase by cost per thousand impressions, or cost per click. Streaming video options will also be available, which apple hopes will entice a broader range of advertisers. With new advertising channels popping up left and right, it is hard to keep up with the changing landscape. Here are some tips to help keep you up to speed with pay per click advertising in 2014.

1. Enhanced AdWords Campaigns

Google introduced Enhanced Adwords campaigns last year, and these campaigns have slowly grown in popularity. This method lets you use Bid Modifiers, which give you power to change your search keywords based on demographics. You can target a consumer’s geographic location, time of day they search, and previous site history. One of the more powerful tools is the ability to see which device the consumer is using to search. This granular technique is perfect for reaching extremely targeted audiences with your chosen keywords. By optimizing your campaign to obtain your chosen audience, you will be able to create a streamlined adwords budget.

2. Product Listing Ad

Google’s product listing ads (PLAs) grew rapidly in 2013, and will continue to do so in 2014. The ads feature a specific product image, price, and merchant name. PLA proved to be a power player among ad streams around the holidays, with 143% increased ad spend since the previous year. Bing also rolled out product listing ads in 2013, giving online retailers another opportunity to show off their merchandise. PLAs have proven to have a higher click through rate than text ads, and generally cost less per click. The richer ad format also has higher engagement on mobile devices to standard PPC ads. Investing in product listing ads can be a simple win for any e-commerce store.

3. Social Media Measurability

Social media networks are in heavy competition for ad dollars, as the marketing opportunities continue to grow in this channel. Pinterest has proven to be the leader in ecommerce sharing, while Facebook is still the social media advertising leader. Twitter has increased ad flexibility, and is also rumored to be launch an ad building platform similar to the IAd. The most important thing to keep in mind with these campaigns is ROI. Use the social networks’ tracking tools, combined with google analytics to see if they are driving traffic or revenue to your website. By building a social media following through ad spend, you may be able to get a long term audience, but before throwing your money into one network, test to see if this audience is engaged can eventually become a converted customer.

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