Blogging For the Masses: Linked-In’s New Publishing Platform



LinkedIn announced this week that they are extending the use of their content publishing platform to all users. This will give all 277 million LinkedIn users the ability to publish their own professional blog to be viewed by their entire network. The strategy behind this evolution is to promote content sharing across LinkedIn and other social networks. They are hoping this creates reasons for viewers to visit the site on a daily basis, while increasing page views and clicks. LinkedIn previously had the reputation of  a resume database, and a networking tool for recruitment. The company is looking to revamp their image and become a professional knowledge sharing hub.

Blogging Alongside The Experts

Since 2012, LinkedIn has used industry leaders to provide articles and insights across the social network. These experts, called “LinkedIn Influencers”, include 260 of the top minds of the business world across various industries. With executives like Bill Gates and Richard Branson providing content, LinkedIn saw initial success among content sharing across the network. With the new publishing platform, LinkedIn will not be abandoning its Influencer program. Another additional 50 influencers will be added this week, including financial guru Suze Orman, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, and a host of other power-house names. By bringing in these industry thought leaders, the social network is banking credibility as a legitimate resource to professionals.

How Can These Changes Benefit Your Business?

Thought Leadership

Now that businesses can publish industry specific long form content, there is potential for thought leadership among users.  By blogging to a targeting audience, individuals can position themselves as industry experts among their peers. The tool can help expand audience and influence based on the quality of content created.  Trending articles will be matched to users that are aligned with that industry, and the content will appear on their newsfeed.

Repurposing To Improve Content Strategy

Publishing content on LinkedIn will be another way to make a current blog even more effective. By adding excerpts of blog articles or whitepapers, you can help drive traffic back to your website. The content created can be shared across multiple social media platforms, creating cross promotion. With the ability to have multiple publishers from a company all contributing to the LinkedIn page, you can generate niche specific content. This content can be re-purposed into audience specific targeted marketing campaigns.

Tailored Results Analysis

LinkedIn provides specific analytics to all content published. Since users enter very specific information about themselves to create a profile, the tracking for this platform is very targeted. Authors are able to see how many people viewed, liked, and commented on each article.  This also breaks down viewers into specific categories, like seniority, industry, and region.

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