Blogging: The Value a Blog Brings to Your Company



Investing time in content for a website adds incredible marketing value to a small business’s marketing plan, and the best type of content is a regularly updated blog. One of the most valuable aspects of including updated written content within a website is the appreciation from visitors for “free” content or information. Additionally, websites with healthy, updated activity are a draw for search engines because improving the website on a regular basis plays a large role in staying at the top of listings.

A Blog is the Anchor for a Company’s Entire Online Marketing Plan

This isn’t an exaggeration. Blogging offers content for the website and also provides topics for discussions on social media. In addition, written content is an essential way to update customers on promotional happenings and new product releases in a “friendly” way that doesn’t feel like a sedate PR release or advertisement. It’s easier to convert readers to customers with this type of promotion than getting a surfer to click on a standard banner advertisement.

Several tangible benefits come from blogging, and the most obvious benefit is traffic. Written content in the form of a blog represents relevant content to the website’s products or services. When an internet denizen surfs through a company website, he or she is looking for something that will add value to the experience. Blogging accomplishes this feat and has the potential to inspire repeat visits, which is one of the core facets of an effective online marketing campaign.

Build Incredible Brand Loyalty

A blog is one of the best ways to get people to come to a site for reasons other than purchases. Building community amongst visitors improves brand loyalty and recognition. Consider that blogs allow the company to start conversations in the comment section as well as topics on a company’s forum. Inspiring customers to interact with the company is a wonderful way to humanize a business and improve customer sentiment about the organization.

There are no down-sides to blogging and timely, interesting content will always improve a company’s presence on the web as well as represent an inexpensive option for small business marketing. Build customer loyalty, boost marketing campaigns, and create effective SEO plans with a regularly updated blog.

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