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A cost effective program to help small businesses grow through comprehensive marketing support.Based on time tested marketing principles adapted to today’s technologies, we use the EmoryDay Method to surround your company with marketing. With flexible month to month pricing, we have programs to fit every budget.

Our Marketing Principles

Our marketing principles are time tested and grounded in solid business practice. We are constantly evolving our process to to match these principles with today’s technology.

Our Marketing Principles TimelineWhile advancements in technology provide us new and innovative ways to reach your prospects and customers, we believe that what makes a business great is timeless.

We believe every business should be:

  • Easy to find and well designed
  • Demonstrate expertise, innovation and excellence
  • Compelling sales proposition
  • Easy to do business with
  • Promote and communicate regularly



Our Conversion Funnel

We use a combination of inbound and outbound marketing with the latest technology to attract, identify, convert & create repeat business.

EmoryDay's Conversion Funnel

Dynamic Website

Your website is the foundation for all online marketing efforts. Visitors form a first impression within 5/100s of a second. It should be a visually stimulating reflection of your brand, with the latest components and technology to advance your business.


Inbound Marketing

We combine “Thought Leadership” and content marketing to promote the business in the Search Engines, Social Media, Industry outlets and emailed to the database. With our strategy of “Write Once, Publish Everywhere” we are able to maximize the impact of every piece of content.


Outbound Marketing

We use a very pro-active approach to bring your message to your prospects with email drip marketing, combined with lead nurturing and lead scoring. We can help maximize your sales team by supporting them with targeted consistent messaging and allowing them to focus on the truly warm prospects.


Team Based Approach

At EmoryDay, we provide a full service team based approach to web development and marketing. As a team, we will meet with you regularly to progressively improve and manage all aspects of your Internet marketing.

Each client has a dedicated account manager and a team comprised of the specialties needed to accomplish their marketing goals.


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Depending on your level of support, the team will meet with you Monthly, Semi-Monthly or Weekly. This regular meeting is critical to keeping the client informed, moving the program steadily forward and deliver superior results.

During the meeting we will:

  • Report on all of the statistics, media spend and results.
  • Provide a full update on all open initiatives and projects.
  • Obtain approvals for various designs, concepts and promotions.
  • Solicit feedback, and brainstorm on improvements can be made to the program.

With the client participating in each of these meetings, it ensures that they are always informed and have constant input in the process.


Pricing to Fit Every Budget

We offer different retainer options to meet the budgets of our clients. The larger the retainer, the more often we can meet, the more team members we can dedicate, and more effort we can put to your account. Below are our 3 most popular levels, please choose the option that best suits your budget and your needs.


Email Marketing
Lead Generation


Internet Marketing


Internet Marketing

$950 a month $2,950 a month $4,950+ a month
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Meetings Bi-Weekly (2) Weekly (4) Weekly (4+)
Strategy Lead Generation Comprehensive Custom
Phone & Email Support
Website Development
New Website +$2,000 (one time) Custom
Graphic Design 6 hours per month Custom
Landing Pages w/ Form +$500 (one time)
Lead Analytics
Visitor Tracking
Real Time Alerts
Lead Scoring
Email Marketing
Email Campaigns Up to 8 per month Up to 8 per month Custom
Campaign Strategy
Email Writing
New Data Records $0.25 per record 1,000 every month ($0.25 per record addtl) Custom
Autoresponder & Newsletters
Content & Social Media
Copywriting (Blog/Article/Newsletters) 2x per month Custom
Social Media Posts 2x per month Custom
Search Marketing
Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Bi-Monthly Custom
SEO Optimization Monthly Custom
Local Search Optimization Monthly Custom
Website Hosting
Website Hosting, Nightly Backup, Regular Upgrades Included Included


*Please note: the above items are flexible. We work with every client to ensure we get the right marketing mix to create results for their business.


EmoryDay's 100% Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

We stand by our work, which is why we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.
This is just one of the many reasons, our clients keep coming back.

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