Content Marketing: The Benefits vs. Traditional Marketing


Content marketing is an essential part of any online business. The world of technology is changing rapidly with everything from web-based mobile browsing to flashy effects and graphics. A tech-savvy business will utilize content marketing to bring hits and consumers to their business. It’s been proven repeatedly that content marketing is a cheap and effective way to increase sales.
Studies show that content marketing is sixty-two percent cheaper than traditional marketing and still manages to generate three times as many hits. Sixty percent of buyers will look for a product after reading advertising content about it, and fifty percent of buyers spend more than half their time reading content online. It’s essential that a business has unique content on the internet that will direct people to their products.

What Types of Content to Utilize

There are three main types of content marketing that business owners utilize: videos, website articles, and real life events. Videos are excellent marketing tactics because they don’t require reading and they’re easy to access. Consumers are also interested in reading engaging articles about content. Customer reviews are important to consumers. And sixty percent of consumers feel better about a business when the business has original content.

Using advertising and having original content helps your business to stand out from the crowd. It gives you a cutting edge over the competition, proving that you know your product and you’re interested in your customers. Content marketing gives an image that shows you want to do the most for your customers, and that you have a team of qualified experts behind you to help.

Another type of this marketing that a business can utilize is blogging. Companies with blogs will generate hundreds more hits than companies without. In fact, blogs give a company website more than four times more indexed pages and ninety-seven percent more indexed links. And blog posts with video attachments will attract at least three times as many inbound links as those without.

With all of these facts on the table, it’s imperative that a business utilize marketing to the best of its ability. The hiring of a blogger or a specialist will pay itself off in the long run, with an increase in hits and customer satisfaction.

Making A Content Strategy

A business should also double check its marketing strategies. There are many companies, firms, and experts available who are more than willing to take a look at a business website. Some will even redesign a website entirely and take the online marketing portion over, saving a business owner a lot of headache and hassle. These experts are wholly dedicated to helping a business reach its maximum potential through online expansion and marketing.

This type of marketing is necessary because it makes your company seem approachable, friendly, and customer-oriented. Consumers will be happier with your products and more likely to come back for more.

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