Content Is Still King – Content Marketing Strategies For 2017

Content Marketing

Intelligent online marketing requires staying on top of current trends, but all too often in the rush to be on the cutting edge, we lose sight of the tried and true methods like improving your content marketing practice to grow your business and enhance customer retention rates.

While many current trends in 2017 are image- and video-heavy, developing quality, relevant content and then getting that content in front of your target audience is still the best way to spread the word of what your organization has to offer. Content marketing is not advertising disguised as online content, but if done correctly, good online content will result in increased engagement with your customer base and will up your presence in organic search results.

But content marketing is overwhelming to a lot of businesses, and for good reason. To do it well, it can be very time-consuming. The cost of hiring a content specialist, meanwhile, can be thousands of dollars per month.

If you want to up your online content presence but don’t have the resources to hire a content specialist, here are a few strategies you can employ to get the most from your efforts.

Divide and Conquer
When creating content in-house, divvy up the writing and research responsibilities among your team members. Don’t expect a single team member to carry the full load of content management in addition to other responsibilities. When dividing content among team members, aim to present a unified, cohesive message and tone that fits the overall character of your company.

Do The Prep Work
Develop a template to use as your basic format for each type of online publication you use. Each time you create new content, revise it to best fit that existing framework. For example, if you are publishing a blog post on best cyber security practices, you can use content developed for that post to fit your template for social media posts and marketing emails. While you don’t want to duplicate your content, creating content that supports or enhances your existing content is a smart move. Make sure to use linking to funnel traffic to your end goal.

Involve an Experienced Consultant
When trying to manage content marketing on your own, it’s easy to get wrapped up in buzzwords and trendy gimmicks and completely miss the mark. Without expertise in current digital marketing and SEO practices, online content efforts will fail to result in the level of organic growth it should. But that doesn’t mean you have to hire a marketing specialist to have robust online content. When you partner with EmoryDay, you get access to a complete strategic marketing team, including a dedicated account manager and content specialists, all for a flat monthly fee.

Whether you choose to manage your online presence in-house or decide to work with a strategic marketing management organization like EmoryDay, it is important to make sure you have a basic knowledge of how Google algorithms, organic search, and SEO/PPC work, along with other strategic marketing tactics. Staying on top of marketing best practices and making comprehensive content marketing a priority for your organization will help amplify your message and extend your outreach, resulting in solid lead generation.

Content Marketing Management Services – EmoryDay
Looking to improve your content marketing practices? Download a sample of our Strategic Marketing plan, and then contact us today to see how the EmoryDay method can help you develop, execute, and analyze a successful content marketing campaign.

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