Digital Outsells TV: Where to Effectively Spend Ad Dollars


Digital Ad revenue outperformed TV for the first time ever in 2013. The Interactive Advertising Bureau released a report confirming these numbers.  Online ad revenue grew to $42.8 billion in 2013, which was a 17% increase from 2012.  Broadcast TV brought in $40.1 billion, bumping them to 2nd position in ad spend.  Growth was seen across all categories of digital advertising. Here is a breakdown of which categories saw the largest increases in ad spend, and how they can be integrated into your digital marketing strategy.

Mobile Grows 110%

With $7.1 billion in ad sales, mobile was the powerhouse this year, accounting for 17% of the revenue in 2013. With the increase of smartphones and tablets, users are spending more time than ever online. This has resulted in mobile ad spend skyrocketing. These numbers are expected to grow as digital giants like Google and Facebook roll out more capabilities on their mobile platforms.  Google adwords is the best place to start for building a mobile advertising campaign. There are a variety of services, and Google allows you to set up mobile specific campaigns.  You can then track your campaign performance and measure your conversions coming from mobile ads.

Video Grows 19%

Digital video ads have continued to grow, and have created $2.8 billion in revenue throughout 2013. Through Youtube, Facebook, and other platforms, videos have proven to be effective in reaching an increasingly visual audience. Videos can be a great cornerstone to you digital strategy. They are highly shareable, so can be used across your website, social media, and paid advertising. Google has an adwords platform for video, which integrates with youtube, so you can set a budget and track the effectiveness of your campaign.

Search Grows 9%

Paid search did not see as dramatic of an increase in growth as some of the other ad channels, but it is still king among the digital world. Search represented 43% of digital ad spend in 2013 and brought in $18.4 billion. Product listing ads, and re-marketing campaigns increased in popularity this year.  Google, MSN, Yahoo, and all offer paid search options with various types of campaigns.  Setting up goals and a budget is the best place to start with search ads.  Look into Google Analytics to see what keywords are currently driving traffic to your site. You can use those top keywords to set up a pay per click campaign, which is a great way to dive into paid search.

The increasing popularity of digital advertising cannot be ignored. Businesses need to embrace these ad channels to be relevant to the modern customer.  At EmoryDay, we can help you build an effective marketing strategy no matter what your budget. Contact us today for a free consultation, and see how we can provide results.

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