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Seating Dynamics

Seating Dynamics designs and manufactures Dynamic Seating wheelchair components to solve serious muscular, behavioral, and functional challenges. Dynamic Seating allows the user to do what the body is supposed to, move.

Seating Dynamics, as the manufacturer, does not sell directly to the public, and the beneficants of their products, individuals with diagnoses of brain injury, cerebral palsy, and developmental disabilities, typically do not seek their products on their own. The company was first faced with a need to educate resellers, caregivers, industry specialists, clinicians, Medicare, and other potential prescribers and referrers in regards to the use of Dynamic Seating. Following the introduction of the therapeutic modality of Dynamic Seating and its potential benefits to a client, the company then needed to stimulate trial, funding and use of their products.

Seating Dynamics was positioned as the expert in the modality of Dynamic Seating. Through the extensive use, development and dissemination of hundreds of pieces of content including research reviews, videos, clinical tools, published articles, funding resources, blogs, case studies and seminars (live, on demand and accredited CEU), no other manufacturer or reseller in the seating and mobility industry could provide more information (or search engine optimization) on this once rarely known modality.  While this niche market is relatively small, it is an intimate community of repeat buyers that rely heavily on medical proofs and professional referrals.  The company’s website was redesigned to highlight content and simplify adoption of product usage for potential referrals with everything from assessment tools to funding guidelines. Content is shared via a popular bi-weekly e-news publication, On the Move, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and YouTube. Seating Dynamics’ version of an influencer, a clinician within the field of Seating and Mobility, assisted with sharing content and presenting on the topic at industry conferences and online.

This small American manufacturer has evolved over the years from providing a few US resellers with add-on components, to becoming a global force in Seating & Mobility with resellers and buyers from every continent. In addition, the company transitioned their nearly 100% telephone reseller relationship to an online portal process to streamline the process reducing missing information and details which slowed down the process.

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