Facebook is the site that virtually coined the phrase “social network.” One of the web’s most popular destinations worldwide, it allows users to create networks of friends and contacts, share photos, videos, and links, and organize events.

It started out as a simple tool designed to help college students meet and stay in touch. Since it’s debut back in 2004, though, Facebook has grown and evolved at a tremendous rate. It is now used by over a billion individuals and companies in nearly every country on the planet.

Currently, Facebook earns the majority of its day-to-day revenue by selling ad space. Facebook ads are small and relatively unobtrusive, but appeal to advertisers because they can be precisely targeted to a very specific audience, and because of the popular social network’s huge worldwide reach.

How Can Facebook Benefit a Small Business?

Facebook is one of the best places for a small business to begin its online marketing strategy. It’s easy to use, requires a minimal initial budget, and has the potential to bring in a wealth of high quality leads.

Facebook uses a self-serve ad platform. This means anyone can open an account and start advertising immediately. You can target ads by location, interests, age, gender, and much more.

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