Facebook Advertising So Strong – We Had To REDUCE the Budget

Truck Stop

Truck Stop is a truck dealership located in Delran, NJ, specializing in box trucks, made to order dump trucks, landscaping vehicles, and commercial pick-up trucks. Their primary audience is small business owners looking to purchase a work vehicle for the first time or expand their fleet.

Truck Stop had started advertising in house through Facebook Marketplace and was seeing great success, however, it was time consuming to follow up with the leads coming in, and the platform was creating more and more restrictions against businesses placing listings for vehicles. Their account had been disapproved, and they needed leads fast.

It was critical that EmoryDay help Truck Stop to establish a web presence that would provide a solid foundation for any advertising platform they wish to use in the future, as well as set them up for success organically. We created a brand new website, online directories, and social media channels to show the Delran community exactly why they are the area’s leader in truck sales, and went to work building out Facebook In-App advertising campaigns – in both Spanish and English – to reach their target audience directly and save them time.

Leads started coming in so quickly, we had to lower the budget after just a few days to slow down the funnel and give the sales team at Truck Stop time for follow-up! From Facebook alone we have seen 2,687 requests come in the past four months, averaging $1.00 per lead. In addition, each potential customer is qualified with custom questions on their lead form, significantly reducing the back and forth they were previously experiencing in Facebook Marketplace & moving all communications out of Facebook Messenger so that work can be divided during peak times. Facebook In-App Forms have shown to be both profitable and scalable for yet another happy customer!

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