Facebook Triples Profits: New Social Advertising for Mobile Devices



Facebook announced their quarterly profits today, and the number outperformed what most analyst has predicted. With a 72% rise in revenue since Q1 of 2013 and $2.5 billion in sales from January to March, the social network easily exceeded all expectations. Mobile advertising now makes up 59% of Facebook’s ad profits, which has increased 30% since last year. This growth has taken a slice of market share from Google’s mobile ad profits, which saw a decline this quarter from the previous year. More than 1 billion users access Facebook from a mobile device, and Americans in general spend an average of 3 hours a day on mobile devices. The increase of ad dollars being spent on social media’s mobile options has risen dramatically. With this rise, there are plenty of new ad options across the board for marketers to choose from. Here are some of the latest additions to social media advertising, and how they are optimized for mobile viewers.

Facebook CTA’s

Facebook is evolving its paid posts for more mobile friendly accessibility. One of the newest features is adding a call to action button that clearly points users to an external URL. Previously paid posts could only contain an external link, or an internal link to a Facebook business page. This new type of ad contains both, with a customizable button for “Shop Now”, “Learn More”, or whatever your CTA may be. While just introduced, these ads are already seeing higher click through rates, specifically within the mobile audience.

Twitter Web Cards

Web Cards are the latest ad format from twitter, in addition to promoted tweets, accounts, and trends. The ad unit will feature a small photo, line of text, and URL to a business webpage. In essence it will be a preview of a website. Twitter feels that the combination of an image and a call to action will help drive more traffic that the standard image tweet. The format will be available for mobile and desktop, and is just one of many new ad formats the social network will be unveiling this year.

Pinterest Paid Ads

The social scrapbooking network has been testing paid advertising since September with select businesses, but plans on launching its official ad business in Q2 of this year. The “promoted pins” will be integrated with the current tile layout, and are fine tuning the ad requirements to avoid unattractive, spammy ads on the highly aesthetic site. Around 75% of Pinterest users come from mobile apps. The social network has been consistently improving its mobile functionality through additions like guided search. It is a safe bet that Pinterest will be a mobile ad powerhouse by the end of the year. You can sign up to receive news about this feature and its launch here.

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