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Condor Cargo

Condor Cargo came in with several challenges to overcome. They had an older website with outdated information and graphics elements. They had never done any advertising or lead generation strategies of note so everything had to be created from the ground up. They also have four primary verticals each with their own requirements, challenges, and capabilities.

EmoryDay’s first solution was to create a new Landing Page that would replace the existing website. It was important to get all four of the primary services properly displayed in their own specific sections with their own call-to-actions.

Once launched, EmoryDay’s Paid Advertising professionals created dedicated campaigns to run advertisements on Google to target prospective clients who are searching for the more action oriented terms that are telltale signs for potential clients.

Condor Cargo launched right from the beginning hitting a great stride. Within the first 30 days of advertising EmoryDay generated over 60 combined phone call leads and form submissions. These leads were of a high quality and were consistently pushed into the clients sales pipeline.

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