How to Get Better Reviews and Rank Higher For It


In today’s web driven world, if someone is interested in a business or service they are more than likely to go straight to search engines to do their research. Search engines are designed to give their viewers what they consider the most valuable information on the topic being researched. For businesses to show up at the top of search engines, it needs to be considered a trusted, reliable source. Online reviews are a great way of gaining credibility with search engines, while also giving positive insight to the consumer doing research. Search Engine Land reports that online reviews can help improve SEO by more than 10 percent. Here are some ways online reviews can help improve your digital marketing strategy, and tactics to help you receive reviews from your customers.

Improve Local SEO Through Google +

Google + is considered king when it comes to online reviews. By setting up a Google + business page, this can easily push you to the top of the search engines. Create a Google account (or use an existing account) to create your business page, make sure your local address and contact information is filled out correctly, and link this back to your business website. To obtain reviews, the best source is asking your existing customer database. Send an e-mail or post card with your Google + URL asking for reviews. You can give incentives like special discounts for reviewers help you get started.

Create Backlinking Through Social Media

Once you have a Google + business page established, you can set up profiles on other review sites. Find review sites that are suitable for your business like Yelp, Angies List, FourSquare, ect. If you have a Facebook page, simply add a local address on your profile, and viewers will be able to rate your business, and a reviews tab will be added to your profile. After enabling the reviews feature on your page, ask your followers to leave a review. Creating a social media contest (review for a chance to win), is a good way to get followers to participate. The more sites your are being actively reviewed on, the more likely viewers are clicking through to your website. This not only drives new traffic, but creates backlinking to your site. The more quality backlinks you have, the more relevant your website looks in the eyes of search engines.

Monitor Your Online Reputation

Now that you have canvassed review sites, it is just as important to make sure these new reviews are not working against you. You can use Google’s free monitoring system Google Alerts help manage this. This will email you anytime someone mentions the phrase you set up (your business name in this case). Regularly check in on you social media pages and review sites to make sure the vibe is positive. If you do get a negative review, reach out to the customer, and see what you can do to amend this. This shows your audience that you value customer service.
Reviews can greatly help improve your SEO, but can also be a time consuming process to set up and monitor. At EmoryDay we have the tools to help build your SEO strategy from the ground up, and improve your web presence. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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