Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster Tools is a suite of online tools by Google made to help webmasters get their sites optimized and presented in an attractive and easy to use manner on search engines. Tools include structured data tagging and HTML checking, checking up on site links, keyword tools, crawling tools, a search engine for your site, geotagging, and other useful features for small businesses on the web. Search engine appearance can be previewed from Google Webmaster Tools, so you don’t need to wait for your site to be crawled by Google before you can see what it looks like on the search rank page.

How Using Google Webmaster Can Benefit Your Business

Google Webmaster Tools is useful for small business owners who need to get their site seen but don’t know much about search engine optimization themselves. It can help webmasters increase their page ranks, give useful information about a website’s performance, protect against malware, and it offers a number of tools that are simply useful for anyone building websites for a small business.

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