How In-App Advertising Can Increase Sales and Grow Your Business

Yardi MTB has a variety of portable mountain biking features and courses so you can build your dream course right in your backyard. The company was started by a few biking enthusiasts who wanted to create fun ways for their kids to enjoy biking while being stuck at home during the pandemic. Whether you’re an individual mountain bike rider, a biking coach or you’re looking to build a bike park in your local community, Yardi MTB has ramps, jumps, rollers and much more!

Yardi MTB has a great product, but they were not getting many leads from their website or biking events. They came to us for help with brand awareness, increasing their social media presence, as well as paid advertising.

We gave their homepage a refresh, kicked off an email marketing campaign and boosted their social media presence with the creation of a YouTube channel where they could highlight their cool videos. We also focused on a multi-platform paid advertising campaign to help build their business and increase sales.

We decided to launch a paid advertising campaign in two phases. In month 1, we focused on Google and Bing ads (yielding 4 leads). However, we knew that a paid social media campaign using in-app ads was going to push them to the next level. Within the first week of launching the paid social media ads, they had 31 new leads! We have been running their campaign for 3 months now, and they have received 20,538 clicks, 305 leads, and nearly $27,000 in new sales!