How To Make Your Website Work For You & Grow Your Business


Releventful offers a complete suite of software solutions to assist in managing your event business more efficiently. They were established 8 years ago and have been doing quite well, however, getting customers to “book a demo” on their website instead of signing on for a free trial has always been very difficult. Potential customers were never really getting to experience the full depth of the platform and were often canceling past the trial. They were looking for a marketing partner that could help drive leads but also help to foster a stronger relationship with the client.

Step One: Know Your Audience

Once hired, EmoryDay went to work to optimize their existing website. We started by doing a competitive analysis to see how some of the other software companies in the industry were marketing themselves and built out a user persona to get an idea of who we would need to target. Using this data, we worked together to optimize the website to better appeal to its user base and make it easy for both search engines and potential clients to see why Releventful should be the software of choice.

Step Two: Modify Lead Generation Process

But driving traffic that converts was only half of the problem, we also needed to change the sales workflow to allow sales team the opportunity to present demos to interested customers. We redesigned the demo form to be more inviting for the user by creating an interactive survey and applied lead capture sooner in the process so that if the customer doesn’t pick a time for the demo we still have their information for followup. We also modified the trial process to add in a 15 minute demo of the product before the customer can get started so that the sales team has an opportunity to explain how robust the portal is and guide the user to the pieces that would be most valuable to their business.

Step Three: Reap the Rewards!

Within days of launching the website updates Releventful was receiving demo requests for the first time! They have also seen an uptick in trial requests as the campaigns are ramping up and with the new process in place they are equipped with the tools they need to ensure their customers have the best experience possible and use the software to its fullest potential. Finally, the Releventful website was working for the business and not just acting as an information source for interested parties.

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