How we increased sales 200% in 2 months for an underselling product

FCI Watermakers

FCI Watermakers designs and manufactures watermakers to accommodate the growing demand of fresh water for the yachting, industrial, oil and gas, hotel resorts and land needs. They had a product that was underselling and not resonating to their marine and yachting audience.

Fresh content and new ads can make all the difference

EmoryDay developed a new strategy to introduce this product to a new audience of RV owners/dealers, window washers, jet skiers, car enthusiasts/detailers and more. We built a new landing page to better resonate with this audience, strategically and monthly sales emails, did video editing, content creation and pay per click. 

Sales skyrocketed right from the start!

Within the first 2 months of these strategies being put into place, FCI Watermakers saw an increase in sales that grew to over 200% and continues to keep going strong.

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