How we increased phone calls by 400% and got 31 new Five-Star Reviews

Magnolia Dental

Dawn of Magnolia Dental is a new dentist in the area who was operating with a very limited budget. Additionally, she is not a board-certified pediatric dentist but specializes in treating children and children with special needs. We needed to be careful with verbiage. 

If you love Google My Business, it will love you back

Working with a $0.00 advertising budget, EmoryDay optimized the Google My Business listing with current, detailed information. We updated the images to include ideal images of the location, the office, patient interactions, and patient care. We continue to update the images regularly.     

Phone calls by 400% and got 31 new Five-Star Reviews

In nine months, EmoryDay more than doubled phone calls to Magnolia Dental’s office. In January of 2021, the office averaged 45 calls per month. By October of 2021, the office averaged 100 phone calls with 80 calls directly from Google My Business.  Additionally, we assisted her in obtaining 31 new reviews, all of which were 5-star Google Reviews. 

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