How we increased qualified leads by 63% in 60 days while decreasing marketing spend

The 86 Group

The 86 Group is a Texas-based Business Brokerage and M&A Advisory firm representing entrepreneurs and business owners in the sale-side, buy-side, or micro-investment banking transactions. 

Missing Their Target

The 86 Group’s website lacked clear messaging and calls to actions. As a result, they received very few qualified leads from their website or Google Ads campaigns. Plus, the leads they did receive were irrelevant to what they do. The client came to EmoryDay for help with attracting Texas middle-market business owners for sale-side-representation. 

EmoryDay Takes Aim

EmoryDay created a strategy that included a redesign of their website with very clear marketing messaging and calls-to-action, and optimized the website for organic search. In addition, we developed a new Google AdWords campaign to attract the right audience, and initiated an email marketing campaign directed toward Texas business owners with revenues between $2M-$50M. 


In the first 60 days, the campaigns worked their magic and results skyrocketed. Website traffic increased by 176%, qualified leads increased by 63%, and signed contracts increased by 51%. The 86 Group is closing more contracts in less time which equals millions of dollars in new revenue.

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