How We Took Online Sales From Zero to $$$

ED Case Study - VasalSuper

Vas al Super is an online marketplace that connects products from Latin America with U.S. consumers. Providing ease of access and quick shipping for hard-to-find common goods like vitamins & supplements, over-the-counter medicines, household cleaning products, grocery items, and a robust line of health and beauty products.

Even though their online store offers well-known and sought-after brands, their products just weren’t moving off the shelves and they needed a marketing company who could help push the needle for direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales. In addition to struggling with sales, the team at Vas al Super had access to an inventory management system that created more problems than it solved – limiting their ability to handle the growth that they were seeking.

EmoryDay went to work by rebuilding their entire e-commerce store into a platform that was fully optimized for sales but also easy to use for their teams to use behind the scenes for inventory management. Focusing on SEO optimization and user experience, we saw sales start to come through within days of launching the new site.  In conjunction with the site launch, we developed a robust advertising strategy utilizing a combination of Google Search and Shopping networks, as well as Bing Search and Shopping, to help drive the most traffic possible!

While DTC sales are our primary goal, Vas al Super is also able to support wholesale, retail, and distributor requests through their parent company, CAD Import Inc. By adding the option to collect distributor requests from Vas al Super directly, we were also able to start boosting B2B business from a completely new target audience and expand their footprint to more eyes than anyone thought possible.

DTC sales since inception have grown more than 3000% and are continuing to rise. Specific to 2022 we’ve seen a 33% growth in sales in the past six months and all trends point to this number continuing to rise. Returning customers are up 5.54%. Site traffic is through the roof. Business-to-business sales continue to come in each month as well, averaging 4-10 requests a month. Vas al Super is dominating in their market.

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