The Internet Turns 25: What the Future holds for For The Web



This week marks the 25th anniversary of the creation of the World Wide Web. A quarter century ago, software engineer Tim Berners-Lee presented the concept of the internet to the public. It started out as a simple proposal of creating a way to easily access files on linked computers. Today 87% of American adults now use the internet, and the technology breakthroughs have progressed at a breakneck speed. Businesses are now wondering what is in store the future of the web, and how will it affect business strategy. Most e-commerce experts agree one of the biggest areas of growth within the next several years will be user personalization throughout the web.

The Future Of Personalization

Within five years it is predicted that the customized shopping experience will be so refined, it will feel like every e-commerce store is equipped with a personal shopper. On-site behavior tracking will become more refined based on consumer preferences and demographics.Large E-commerce stores like Amazon, already mine and use data to create a more curated user experience. Small businesses will need to utilize modified versions of these tactics to compete in the digital space. Simple changes can help to make your customer’s user experience more personal.

Tips for Utilizing Personalization For a Small Business

E-Mail Sign Up Customization

By customizing your email sign up form, you can easily create more targeted CRM. Create a simple survey asking viewers exactly what they what kind of emails they would like to see from your company. This can help you segment your database and reach customers with more effective messaging.

Personalized Landing Pages

From your segmented e-mail lists, you can direct viewers to personalized landing pages. Viewers that are interested in one area of your business can be sent to a specific page highlighting new products or services. This is also a great place to have specifics sales and discounts, that may only appeal to a certain demographic. Personalized site content is a surefire way of increasing conversions.

Data Driven Promotions

Take the time to analyze where your customer is going on your site, and what messages are inciting the most response. By taking a deep dive into the analytics from your personalized emails and landing pages, you can carefully track which campaigns are successful, and what audiences are being most responsive. You can then cross promote through targeted social media and PPC campaigns to reach new viewers within this responsive demographic.

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