How to Manage Your Online Reputation

online reputation management

One of the key’s to success within marketing your website is increasing your exposure. However, the wider you cast your net on the internet, the more aware you should be of the feedback from your audience. Given the word of mouth nature of social media, it is important to protect your brand image by proactively monitoring your online reputation. Here are some easy ways to ensure your brand is being protected, while keeping your mind at ease.

Be Aware of Your Presence

This first step in managing your online reputation, is doing an audit of everywhere your audience can leave a review of your services. Make sure you are aware of all social network pages associated with your company. A good way to start is doing a thorough search of your company name in Google. Review each page that mentions your company, if you happen to be cast in a bad light, you know where to start. Once you have an idea of your current online reputation, sign up for the free service, Google Alerts. This service will email you whenever your company name (or selected keyword) is mentioned across the web.

Be Proactive

Now that you are aware of how and where you are being perceived across the web, you can begin actively managing your reputation.  When you name is mentioned negatively on social media, blogs, or review sites, be proactive in handling the situation. Reach out the audience member directly, and if possible in a way the rest of your audience can see. If someone leaves a negative comment on your Facebook wall, respond with an apology and see how you can resolve the situation. Even if you feel the complaint is unfounded, being professional and prompt with your reply can help turn a disgruntled customer into repeat business.

Reward Loyalty

On the opposite end of the spectrum, respond to your positive feedback on social media and review sites as well. If customers are taking the time to compliment your services, make sure to thank them. This can be a great way to show you are invested in customer service. Try rewarding your customers with discounts, or special offers that are closed to the general public. This can help create brand loyalty, and show your customers that you are invested in their repeat business. Social media is a great platform to run these kinds of specials.

Be Consistent

Managing your online reputation ultimately comes down to having regular, honest communication with your audience. Letting this aspect of your marketing strategy go to the wayside can hurt your brand image, and lose potential new customers. Try to set aside a small amount of time on a weekly basis to communicate with your audience.

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