Marketing 101: Empathetic Marketing

Empathetic Marketing

Empathy is the ability to emotionally understand other people’s emotions and imagine what someone else might be thinking or feeling and being able to conceptualize yourself in their place. Empathetic marketing then is being able to develop a digital marketing strategy that creatively meets consumers where they are.

This customer-centric approach to marketing requires brands to consider:

  • Who their customers are?
  • What are their pain points?
  • What are their motivations?

Why Incorporate Empathetic Marketing?

The world has changed since the beginning of 2020, and so have consumers’ outlook on how they live, work, and play. These new paradigms impact how consumers react emotionally to marketing and advertising.

The core tenets of a successful empathetic marketing strategy

While empathetic marketing strategies will differ by brand, here are some of the essentials that every brand should consider when implementing empathetic marketing.

1. It should be genuine.
To be believable, empathy has to come from a place of authenticity. Your customers should feel a connection to your product or service that’s not contrived. Most consumers know when they’re being manipulated, and you’ll lose their trust.  

2. It should have a purpose.
Every good brand has a purpose or a set of values that go beyond a product or service. For example, Disney’s purpose is to create magic and happiness, not theme parks, movies and merchandise. Reveal your purpose in your marketing and let customers know what you stand for.

3. It should leave your customers feeling empowered.
A genuine solution to a consumer need doesn’t require a hard sell. When you leave them with just-the-right-amount of information and resources, you’re giving them the power to make their own decisions.

4. It should feel like a conversation, not a campaign.
A campaign that tells a story, that shows them how your brand can solve their need, lets them know you’re listening and not just pushing your product or service at them.   

5. It should be the right balance of data and emotion.
Metrics are important for any successful marketing campaign, but sometimes we get “collective amnesia” and lose our perspective. Remember, consumers aren’t just data points, but real people with feelings and real experiences.

EmoryDay Can Handle Your Empathethic Marketing Needs
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