Marketing 101: Inclusive Marketing

Inclusive Marketing

When you start the creative process for a new marketing campaign, your strategy team is going to begin by trying to pinpoint your target audience. Of course, there will be the usual questions about the website layout, email campaigns and social media posts, but all of these materials need to be designed with your audience in mind. In order to answer this first question about who your marketing campaign is trying to reach, try not to get too specific. You may think about your current customers and what might appeal to them, but that is very limiting to you and your business. After all, thinking about an existing customer base isn’t the way to see a potential customer base!

Inclusive Marketing is a strategy for a marketing campaign that expands its target audience to include a wider range of customers. The content that is created for the campaign appeals to people of different ages, ethnicities and gender identities, to name a few demographics. Using different languages could open up a business to new audiences as well. This type of campaign also works to appeal to people from all socio-economic statuses, religions and physical and mental abilities. Some customers may not know that your product or service is suitable for them, so marketing to as many different and varied audiences as possible is the best way to get new business.

At EmoryDay, we are constantly working with our clients to expand their view of their own target audience. In fact, it’s a strategy that we use in our own marketing! Creating new content through Inclusive Marketing will show you there are people that your business hasn’t reached yet. Our team will tailor material to your business, whether you’re looking for web content, blog posts, email campaigns, Social Media presence or Whitepapers, articles and press releases. The campaign will combine various ways to reach your customers and new customers. Don’t limit your business’ potential! 

If you have any questions about how Inclusive Marketing could be used to expand your business and get the most out of your marketing efforts, reach out to us today through our Contact Form. When you’re ready to begin working with our team, Start Your Free Trial at EmoryDay! 

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