Marketing 101: Persuasive Marketing

Persuasive Marketing

Implementing persuasive marketing is a great way to boost your company’s leads and sales. 

We talk a little bit about persuasive marketing in our post Marketing 101: An Introduction To The Different Types Of Marketing, so we thought we’d dedicate this post to exploring it further. 

What is Persuasive Marketing? 

According to the marketing experts over at HubSpot, persuasive marketing, also known as persuasive advertising, “taps into users’ emotions. It aims to make an audience feel something, and associate those emotions with a brand, and trigger desired actions.”

In another HubSpot article, they also indicate that persuasive marketing “leverages the desires and interests” of their potential consumers by focusing on the “benefits the products and services” can offer them.

How Does Persuasive Marketing Work?

According to Marketing Schools, persuasive marketing often employs the use of “human psychology to develop techniques to market products or services” by focusing on how these products and/or services can benefit them or make their lives easier. 

Because it helps persuade potential customers to buy a business’s products and/or services, persuasive marketing can be a great addition to a company’s existing strategy!  

Persuasive Marketing Techniques

There are a few different persuasive techniques. Here are the ones we think are beneficial. 

1. Offering Reciprocity

Offering some type of free service or gift with a purchase is a great way to persuade customers to make a purchase. According to an article in Forbes, utilizing reciprocity is a great persuasive marketing technique because when “we receive something from someone, whether it’s a gift or something as small as a compliment, we feel grateful. Our gratefulness makes us want to reciprocate and give them something in return.” And, in the marketing world, that would be our business. 

2. Creating a Sense of Scarcity 

When we are on the fence about buying something, but we notice that they are low on stock, what do we do? Typically, we go ahead and buy it, right? HubSpot refers to this as “The Scarcity Principle.” 

The Scarcity Principle works because it creates a sense of urgency on behalf of your potential customers and persuades them to make a purchase. 

According to Forbes, “When a certain item is rare, we tend to have this perception that it is more valuable. On the other hand, we tend to lose interest in something that everyone else can have access to.”

3. Offering Exclusive Offers

People love getting offers that are specifically for them. And, a company offering exclusive offers to VIP members can even go one step further by allowing them early access to these exclusive offers as well as special events and other discounts.

Think about Amazon Prime Day. One of the reasons why it’s so popular and encourages so many purchases from Prime members is because these deals are not only great, but they are exclusively for them. 

4. Authority Endorsements

According to Forbes, “We trust advice coming from people we see as authority figures in their line of expertise. This is because we believe the decision based on advice from an authority figure is less likely to go wrong.” So, if an expert in a product or service’s field endorses it, this will persuade people to buy it. 

We Can Help You Business Implement Persuasive Marketing Techniques and More!

At EmoryDay, we get that marketing is not one-size-fits-all. That’s why our team of marketing experts are knowledgeable about so many different types of marketing. We will help your company develop and implement as many different marketing strategies we think will benefit your bottom line. And, if persuasive marketing is something that will help grow your leads and profits, we will work with your team to incorporate it into your existing marketing strategy. 

If you have any questions about our digital marketing services, including persuasive marketing, just fill out our contact form or give us a call at (866) 407-2075. Also, we are currently offering a 30-day free trial so you can try out our services. Start your free trial today!  


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