MLK’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail & Entrepreneurism


At EmoryDay, out team always admired Dr King’s contribution as an orator and civil rights activist.But we had not considered him in the context of business, until Russell C. Teter III shared with us a white paper by Bernette Henry and himself courtesy of the SBA and the University of MD.

Please download your copy of:

“The Principles of Entrepreneurism from Martin Luther King, Jr.”

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s greatest contributions come from his work as an orator, a civil rights activist, and his continued positive impact on society forty years after his death. However, generally speaking, his influence on humankind and our culture is much further reaching than at first glance.

Principles Of Entrepreneurism From Marin Luther King, Jr. examines Dr. King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”, and shows how the principles he exhorts can be used to develop and sustain entrepreneurism.

This white paper teaches the following successful entrepreneurism strategies:

  • “Opening the D.O.O.R.S to Success”
  • Focus yourself by “P! lanning in Seclusion”
  • Always “Build With Your Altitude in Mind.”

Like King’s strategies for desegregation in Birmingham and elsewhere, successful entrepreneurism also begins with a plan.

At EmoryDay, we help businesses grow through our Business Accelerlator Program.  I hope you have enjoyed this white paper. Please let us know if we can every be of assistance.

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