Mobile Web Design

In today’s aggressive digital world, mobile web design is essential for online success. According to projections of the Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2012-2017, mobile data traffic was nearly 12 times the volume reached in 2000, mobile connection speeds doubled, and the use of smartphones grew 81 percent. What does this data mean? It means that mobile web design is critical if your business is to grow and thrive.

The Case for Sensible Mobile Web Design

Mobile web design should take into consideration that today’s mobile devices are used to download apps, surf the web, video gaming, learning, retail purchases, online payments and just about anything imaginable. There is an estimated number of five billion mobile-device users worldwide. Know your customers and the products or information they seek. Does your business rely on video messaging? How important is user interaction? Can you scale your information down to only the most important elements?

Approaching Responsive Web Design

Mobile web design should also be responsive. In a nutshell, responsive web design places focus in designing a website that can provide an optimal viewing experience on any handheld, laptop or desktop device. Users can expect easy navigation and reading. Panning, scrolling and resizing are kept to a minimum.

A responsive mobile web design addresses the user’s environment and behavior based on platform, screen size and orientation. Flexible grids/layouts and images are interchangeable as the result of CSS media queries. This allows for the same positive user experience on a laptop, iPad or smartphone. No matter the device, responsive mobile web design accommodates for image size, screen resolution and scripting.

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