No Email Strategy Is Too Complex

PQI Email Strategy

Productivity Quality has a number of divisions that provide equipment and services for manufacturers.

Too Much Data

Productivity Quality and their many divisions regularly send out emails to current and potential customers notifying them of new products, services, and promotions. With six different divisions having their own offerings and tens of thousands of recipients, sending these emails from the right divisions to the right people at the right time was a logistical nightmare.

Organized Tracking

EmoryDay used our one of a kind Dashboard to treat each of Productivity Quality’s divisions like its own independent client with their own individual campaigns. These campaigns are tracked through every email sent to identify where traffic and leads originated and where they are going. Not only did we use our Dashboard but we also incorporated our email marketing platform to create individually stylized emails for each division completely distinguishing it from any other PQI division. Now Productivity Quality sends out dozens of emails a month to tens of thousands of recipients and every single click and lead is tracked to its exact campaign.

Never Miss A Lead Again

Through these email campaigns Productivity Quality receives a massive influx of traffic and steady leads every month. With EmoryDay’s Dashboard tracking every click and lead back to the email it came from, we are able to determine which campaigns are the most profitable, and are able to replicate them across any of the divisions necessary.

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