Planning Ahead – Digital Marketing Trends In 2014


The fast-paced world of digital marketing, means that every year you have to evaluate your marketing strategies. Customer personalization across all marketing channels is the key to be competitive in the new year. Here are some of our predictions of how the market will be changing in 2014, and how your business can implement these strategies.

Visual Based Content Is Taking Over

There has been a huge amount of growth in digital marketing opportunities over the last several years. Because of this, viewers are hit with an increasing amount of ads on a daily basis. Social media ads, promotional emails, and display ads are moving towards bold imagery with strong call to action taglines. With the growth of sites like Pintrest and Buzzfeed, consumers want information that is easily digestible. Having good quality photography, graphic design, and strong concise copywriting can help you marketing message stand out in 2014.

Remarketing Campaigns are on the Rise

Remarketing works by using browser cookies to track websites you have previously visited. These website’s ads are then shown in your everyday web surfing. The magic in this technique is the repeated exposure, which creates brand awareness. The goal is to increase conversions by continually reminding the viewer of your product or service. This trend is gaining popularity and effectiveness, and will continue to do so in the new year. You can learn more about Re-marketing here.

Personalized Websites Are Becoming the Norm

Websites like Amazon and Netflix are known for their personalized user experience. These sites provide tailored content based on the customer’s previous site history. Viewers are more engaged when they feel that the content they are viewing is relevant to their needs. The idea of static corporate websites are becoming a thing of the past. The key to this is making the most of the new technology that your CMS offers. An example for e-commerce websites would be to feature content boxes highlighting previously viewed products. To see if you are getting this most out of your CMS contact EmoryDay here: Contact Us

Targeted Emails Will be Increasingly Effective

G-Mail changed its format this year by separating the inbox into individual tabs. The viewer can now filter the content they would like to see. Mass promotional emails will now be dumped into the promotions tab, and go widely unnoticed by many viewers. It is predicted that other popular email servers will be moving to this format in the new year. Sending personalized emails to a targeted audience can help avoid the promotions tab while still creating brand awareness. Though these emails may have a lower amount of sends, a higher click through rate can be expected.

There are many other solutions to making your marketing campaigns aimed at the individual. Here at EmoryDay, we put your goals first by constantly improving your marketing, while working within your budget. Contact us today for a consultation.


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