What Is Remarketing?

No business has a 100 percent conversion rate. There will always be a group of customers that, when they visit your site, decide they don’t want to buy what you’re selling. Some of them leave because it’s not the right time to buy. Others leave because nothing you sell appeals to them. Others simply visited your site accidentally, and have no interest at all. Remarketing is the the act of contacting these customers indirectly, marketing to them and providing them with reminders that your site and your products exist. Most of the people who leave your site were potential customers, and some of them, given the reminder, will come back. Remarketing draws these customers back through ads on content distribution networks, sites of interested parties and other locations.


What Remarketing Does For Your Business

Once you reach a certain point, drawing in new customers to your site is difficult. You’ve reached everyone who is easy to reach, and you need to spend increasingly more time and effort marketing to new customers with diminishing returns. This is where remarketing comes in. Rather than abandoning the customers who visited once and left, you market to this segment of the population. You know they’re interested; they visited your site once, after all. With remarketing, you draw them back and have a second, third or fourth chance to convince them to purchase your products.

Your Site Needs Remarketing

Remarketing is part of a dedicated plan of optimizing your website and your business practices. When you boost the effectiveness of your site, drawing users back to see how it’s changed is a great strategy. Remarketing helps you put your optimization to use, turning these old bounces and lost customers into new conversions. It expands your audience simply through the use of existing market research. An optimized site will boost your sales by a significant amount, and its something your business simply can’t ignore. Get started with optimization today and watch your sales grow. With remarketing, you may be surprised how many of these potential sales come from your existing audience.

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